Splitsvilla X3

MTV Splitsvilla X3 1st Episode 6th March 2021: Grand Premiere Today Task Winner Introduction

The most lovable and audience’s favourite reality show which collects unexpected fanbase just with the concept of the show which is quite different from all the reality show of Indian television. The tremendous and fabulous controversial reality show named MTV Splitsvilla X3 is all set to telecast tonight with lots of thrilling and entertainment which surely loved by the audience and as always they will surely give this season a well positive response.  In today’s episode, you will witness the entry of all the contestants in the show along with the host of the show which makes the show more amusing and mesmerizing just with their entry and there is a grand premiere episode happens in today’s episode. The episode starts with an amazing and lovable dance performance of the stunning and dashing actress of Indian film named Sunny Leone who comes with a getup of traditional Malayali attire.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 6th March 2021 Written Updates

Splitsvilla X3 6th March 2021 Written Updates

Along with her, the male host of the show Rann Vijay comes with an amazing getup which makes hi more stunning and dashing and the hosts found an arrow that will help them in all the season. After that, the entries of the contestants is started and the first one who will enter the show is Kat Kristian and then Riya Kishanchandani comes out with the second contestant and then the entries of hot and bold girls are started and they make the whole atmosphere more mesmerizing and hot.

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Then, the episode starts with a task and the task will be that the girls have to find their loved ones and on the other hand, the guys have to show their physique to impress the girls and the boys will become a statue and the girls have to choose between gold and silver arrows to select their loved ones. The first contestants who choose her partners are Arushi and Nikita and in this, the contestant Arushi chooses as her partner an old school lover tag named Vyomesh Koul. The other female’s list who chooses their partners are mentioned below:

  • Arushi:- Golden arrow = Vyomesh and Silver arrow = Samarthya Gupta.
  • Nikita:- Golden and Silver arrow = Kevin Alamsifar.
  • Kat Kristian:- Golden arrow = Kevin.
  • Aditi:- Golden arrow = Kevin.
  • Riya:- Golden arrow = Nikhil Mallik.
  • Avantika:- Golden Arrow = Gary Lu.
  • Samruddhi:- Golden Arrow = Kevin.
  • Bhoomika:- Golden Arrow = Vyomesh and Silver Arrow = Jay Dudhane
  • Azma Fallah:- Golden Arrow = Shivam Sharma.

After that, all the contestants choose their partners for the whole season and still a task will be organised for confirming the partner for the whole season and then all teh contestants reached their villa for rest and start discussing each other that who will strongest and who is little weak in today’s episode and chooses their contender for the whole season. The contestants who are in the gold villa are Kevin Alamsifar and Vyomesh Koul. So, don’t forget to witness the amazing and thriller packed upcoming episode of this season on MTV at 7 PM IST. Till then stay tuned with us.

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