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Colors Tv Naagin 3 19th May 2019 Finale Episode Written Updates HD Video watch online

Colors Tv Naagin 3 19th May 2019 Finale Episode Written Updates HD Video watch online: In the last episode of Naagin 3, you have seen that Vikrant is dead just because to save Mihir and Tamsi shoot him. Ramya aka Vish starts crying and said that she will save him but Vikrant said he has to save Mihir first and then died. Ramya broke and then she thinks about Mihir and follows him. Mihir is running consciously and Shravani aka Bela trying to find him.

Naagin 3 19th May 2019 Finale Episode Written Updates

On the other side of the show, Shravani runs in the forest to save Mihir but she doesn’t find him, then she thinks that I have to bring his soul back in his body unless I will lose him. Bela holds a bird and then do something magical after this when that bird touches Mihir, he gives his lost Soul to him. Then Mihir falls down in the forest and holds and tree to save his life.


Bela is trying to find Naagmani and goes in the Temple to see Maha Naagrani when she is entering in the temple some snakes come and trying to stop her but she fights with them and then goes inside the Temple.  When she goes in the Temple she saw that there is a Sculpture of Lord Shani and pray him to show her way to search Maha Naagrani. Then Lord Shani come in front of her and said that it is not easy to find Maha Naagrani Shivangi because she is gone from this world and she doesn’t want to have come back again. But Bela said that she will do everything to bring her back unless the Naagmani never gets the real shine. Then Lord Shani gives Bela a way to know about Shivangi and her story.

On the other side of show, Mihir is falling in a tree and when he jumps he remembers everything about his past life, about Mahir and Bela’s Love story and their Enemies. Then she thinks that first, he has to save his Family and Tanya unless their enemies Sumitra, Alek kill them too. When he goes home Sumitra opens the door, hug him and said that where you Mihir are? We all are tensed. But Mihir doesn’t reply to her question and goes into his room.

After that when Bela goes inside the temple she found a diary and the diary shows her all about Maha Naagrani Shivangi’s life. How she marries with Rocky? And how to her husband and Father kill her by a trap? Then Bela thinks if he wants Maha Naagrani Shivangi back then she has to bring his Husband and Father back in this temple.

After this, in the Sehgal House Bela meets Ramya aka Vish and said that she heard about Vikrant and cry very much after this Bela tells her all about Maha Naagrani Shivangi and said that we have to found his husband Rocky and his Father Rithvik.

Well, tonight you all will see another episode of again 3, and get entertain. So, what is next? How to Bela and Vish Bring Rocky and Rithvik in Temple and how to they invite Maha Naagrani Shivangi? You all see this tonight till then stay tuned and scrolls our page more.