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Naamkaran 22nd August 2017 Episode Written Updates! Amol attacks constable to get report

Naamkaran 22nd August 2017 Episode Written Updates! Amol attacks constable to get report : The previous episode of the TV series Naamkaran started with Neela asked Neil that I trust you, but now you need to meet with Avni. DD asked Neela on the other hand, that Riya is your sister. And Neil doesn’t like her but Neela said this is not an issue, and now I’m more concern to know about Amol’s plan as it can make Avni happy. Neela asked Amol that you don’t need to meet with Dayavanti by the way and she sees that Bebe, Maddy, Shweta, and Prakash meet Neil.

The doctor says the patient needs rest, as Neil is not well and Shweta asked Maddy to take care of Neil. A doctor also said that we will be given medicine to Neil on the right time. Prakash asks Neil to open eyes as nobody is in the room and Neil open the eyes.

Naamkaran Today Written Updates

Prakash says so much annoyance and all happened in your sleep drama. Prakash asked Neil that I’m married to Shweta without Bebe’s choices which just irked Bebe and something like that you repeat too. Now Neil said I’ll speak with Avni as I need to speak with Avni.

The family is in the mean time wonder about the woman who had the fight with Dayaben and the family also wonder how the woman can beat Dayaben. Avni dressed like the nurse and go to Neil’s room, Neil is happy to see the nurse is Avni and Avni also asked Neil that at the Dahi Handi festival she wanted to tell to Neil, I’m sorry!

She says to Neil anyhow we have to find out the person who did this blast and on the other hand, Neela get a model from the society she can do the campaign, DD also likes her. Neil sees Avni now and holds her hands; they have some quality time and eye lock.

Music plays….. He says I m getting discharged tomorrow, you will come to me, I only want to know your answer, is you will meet with me. Avni asked to him that your family doesn’t like me and if I will be with you then your family will leave you.

In that time you have to choose between me and your family, I don’t want to be Aisha, so I will move forward from your path, but Neil with full on anger throws the plate and asked Avni that you are not Aisha Maa and I’m not Ashish Mehta!

Amol asks Avni about any leads in the case. Avni says no, as Avni is having no clue for that guy. Now Neil’s family meet with Neil and doctor said that now Neil’s discharge formalities will be done but the doctor asked the family but we need to take care of Neil properly.

Shweta said I will take care of Neil. Bebe said no his wife will take care of him, Neil intervenes and said Avni is not coming with us but Bebe said but I already seek the apology from her but Neil asked to her it is the problem, we do the mistake and seek apology again and again which doesn’t work!

Niel asked Avni by going towards her and said that I’m not that weak that I won’t be able to support my wife. Neil also announced that you are the one who always protects me and will protect me. Shweta asked to him from whom you want protection and Neil said from you Maa!

Neil asked Avni that now we will be the move to a new house which is going to be Neil and Avni’s house as I can’t stay in the house where there is my wife Avni is not and he also asked Neela that sorry Neela Maa I’m taking Avni with me.

Maybe I’m separating Avni from her family but in my house, she will be having her new family which is going to be Neil and Avni’s family.

Neil also asked the family if constantly Kareena’s in-laws were misbehaved with Kareena, we would not even allow Kareena to stay in her in-law’s house. Avni recalls Aisha and Ashish. Shweta asks do I have right to say something but Neil said no you lost your right.

She asked Neil okay I admit my mistake but come to the home for the sake of dad but Prakash said that I’m with you Neil and Avni, if you will be happy by staying separate you can. The crying Shweta asked Neela, please Neela stops this, looks like you and your daughter Avni make the plan to snatched my son Neil.

Bebe asked Shweta you are paying for your bad deeds, once you separate my son from me and now your son is leaving you for his wife.

Avni tries to explain to Neil that Bebe and Mummy Ji seek pardon from me so we can move to the Mehta house but Neil is in no mood to hear anything and he is keen to start his new life with Avni.

Amol hears Avni is speaking about to fingerprints report. Amol attacks constable in order to get a report.

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