One Piece Episode 1054 Release Date & Time, Recap, Star Cast, Watch Online Details

One of the most popular and well-watched anime series, One Piece has captured massive attention across the world. Many fans are excited to watch the next episode of the series which has been running for a long time. In the previous days, One Piece has released more than thousands of episodes, and the last episode was One Piece Episode 1053. Now, the announcement has been officially made on the Internet for the fans. As per the reports, One Piece Episode 1054 will be the next episode to be released online. Keep reading to know more details here.

One Piece

Those who have been waiting to watch the next episode, have watched all the previous episodes. Currently, fans are expecting to know about the spoiler of the upcoming episode but it is also important to share with everyone that there is no spoiler available for One Piece Episode 1054. However, fans do at least have a confirmed release date and time for a highly-anticipated episode. Follow along as this article thoroughly dissects all of the One Piece Episode 1054 release information that is currently available while making predictions about what to anticipate.

One Piece Episode 1054 Release Date

In the last episode, Momonosuke was ordered by Yamato to make Flame Clouds while she left to deal with Onigashima’s bombs. Momonosuke was given some heartfelt words of encouragement by Yamato before he left, which appeared to genuinely motivate him.

Sanji vs Queen was the key focus of the episode’s climax. Fans observed Sanji taking questionable amounts of damage without appearing to be seriously hurt or harmed. Sanji felt anxious because he believed the Lineage Factor manipulations that had been unsuccessful in him were now being used, putting him at risk of becoming an emotionless soldier like his siblings.

Let us tell you about the upcoming episode. According to the updates, One Piece Episode 1054 is all set to release on Sunday, March 19, 2023, at 09:30 AM JST. Those who are waiting to watch this episode can easily watch it on local Japanese networks. For a minority of international fans, this translates to a Saturday night local release window. The episode will have a running time of around 90 minutes after the episode begins airing in Japan. Along with this, the episode will be also available to watch on Crunchyroll. So, let’s wait for the next episode which will be released soon. Stay tuned with us to know more details here.

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