POW Bandi Yuddh Ke Written Updates

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 14th November 2016 Written Episode Updates: Vikram gets Decode

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 14th November 2016 Written Episode Updates: Vikram gets Decode :-  The episode begins with Nazneen’s statement that she would wait till their husbands are released. Vikram cautioned everyone not to answer calls. Duggal is still on the way and will reach anytime. Nazneen requested Payal to spread the news. Meanwhile, the news of Sartaj and Imaan got widely publicized on social media. The news got trending.


Vikram interrogates Imaan and Imaan strikes back saying why is his integrity being doubted – because he is a Muslim air force officer? Vikram countered saying he treats every religion equally. But Vikram was not convinced with Imaan’s answer and immediately called Sartaj for cross-verification.

After a brief spat between Vikram and Imaan, the latter requested for a lawyer saying he won’t open his mouth to Vikram. But adamant Vikram asked Imaan to tell him everything or else he won’t be spared.

But in the middle of the discussion Duggal reached and asked Vikram to stop. Vikram then told Duggal that both Sartaj and Imaan must be having some secrets. However, Duggal wasn’t convinced and let both Sartaj and Imaan go.

Next morning, the news spread out that Imaan and Sartaj will give gallantry awards to jawans and men-in-uniform. Instantly, it irked Vikram and he threw the newspaper away. However, families were glad to welcome Imaan and Sartaj with full enthusiasm.

In another scene, Sartaj recalled the agony he went through. Harleen ties pagdi to Sartaj while Bau Ji looked on with a smile. Meanwhile, a certain Minister honors Imaan with a prestigious award. But Vikram wasn’t happy rather he was quite frustrated to see both Imaan and Nazneen at the ceremony. In fact, he was abusing these two guys because they were speaking in code language.

Immediately, Vikram stated everything about the code language to Duggal. But he simply refused to listen. However, when Duggal sees that both guys were actually talking in codes he was simply stunned.

Precap : Watch out today’s episode to know what happened next. Sartaj says that Vikram is running after them and Duggal gave him full freedom to investigate the duo again.