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Splitsvilla X2: Priyamvada Kant’s emotional breakdown after revealing her past relationship

Splitsvilla X2: Priyamvada Kant’s emotional breakdown after revealing her past relationship: While Sunny Leone jazz up the evening with her red hot dance at splitsville X2, Prince and Yuvika invite as a special guest. all contestants enjoy their evening with their companions, Rannvijay and Sunny leone. Meanwhile, Priyamvada expressed her past two strong relationships by which she got psych effect. Priyamvada Kant was in a beautiful relationship with the second one person, and also she admired this one most beautiful relationship. she said at this show that “I was in two relationships, but the second one was very beautiful. It was too different because the man I was dating was not the kind of guy I would usually fall for but we cared about each other and had the same interest. but the little fight started growing up between us and our equation got effected then we decided to break up, it did affect my mental health”. Splitsvilla X2 Winner Name

At this time Shrey supported Priyamvada as giving emotional sympathy towards her and made for the perfect aww moment.

While commenting on this she said, she is a very tender yet emotionally brave person. Also, she said, she could not have imagined that she could have such a strong relationship on this reality show. Shrey and priyamvada choosing to each other.

Other contestants and the audience rapturous but Jinal’s elimination broke her because Jinal was priyamvada’s close friend, in spite of being a best friend she got an elimination from her. This elimination was hurting her so much even also they both have spent much time together in the villa.

After realizing she said “Jinal’s elimination realize me that I really believe in my relationship on the show; those are very honest and deeply affecting me.

Priyamvada was having tears while reciting about her past story,  emotions were sloping around from her eyes. she recalled her past memory after seeing other couples in the evening of their ebullient coming.