The Honor At Magic High School” Episode 10 Review Release Date Time Watch On Bilibili

For Action-packed Animation lovers, get ready for the upcoming episodes of your favorite animation series “The Honor at Magic High”. In the upcoming Episode 10 of the series, the clashes will start in nine school Tournaments when the team Tatsuya will being dogged by the competitors and lose the game. On 4th September Episode10 will be released. In the previous episode, it had shown that Miyuki shakes her hand with Airi and announced that the war is still on. As Airi strapped down Subaru Ding during their match. On the Sixth day of the Nine School competition start, the Battle Board and the Ice Pillars shatter Rookie Events will be starting.

The Honor At Magic High School

After facing defeat from the competitors now Honoka will be participating for the team to cover up the loss. Also, Eimi will be participating in the shooting game as she wants to impress Shizuka, Miyuki, and Tatsuya by winning the game. Each student of Magic High will encourage and cheer Eimi to give her best in the shooting competition. In the game, Eimi throws her first shot and sends the ice block at her opponent. The opponent realized that Eimi changes the situation by moving her pillars slowly. Eimi told the lady that she realizes that she will try striking like that. After watching the full determination of Eimi as she was hitting one by one pillar of ice Subaru got dazzled and told her to keep pace with it. One of the cheering team girls commented that Eimi will easily win then Shizuku reacted to her comment and said that it is very soon to say anything. after that Miyuki said that the Third High have analyzed Eimi’s game point of view. On the contrary, Eimi untethers her move but the defenders got succeed to stand by the pillars. By looking that Shiori is clogging Eimi Airi got amazed. As opponents were filling the game Eimi was thinking about why her strategy is not working properly. On watching the dazzling move of Shiori.

The cast of the Show:

  • Saori Hayami as in the role of Miyuki Shiba
  • Asuka Nisha as in the role of Eimi Akechi
  • Yuiko Tatsumi as in the role of Shizuku Kitayama
  • Yuuichi Nakamura as in the role of Tatsuya Shiba
  • Sora Amamiya as in the role of Honoka Mitsui
  • Saki Ogasawara as in the role of Azusa Nakajo
  • Marina Inoue as in the role of Mari Watanabe
  • Mai Nakahara as in the role of Suzune Ichihara
  • Lynn as in the role of Toko Tsukushiin
  • Atsumi Tanezaki as in the role of Shiori Kano
  • Erika Ishitobi as in the role of Saho Mizuo

The place to watch The Honor At Magic High School

The show can be seen on the online mode. it is premiered on Funimation and also on Bilibili. If you want to know about the show then you can get daily updates of the show on their official website also available on the Twitter account.

Release Date of The Honor At Magic High-School

On 4th September 2021, Saturday the High-School 10th Episode will be released at the time of 11:30 pm. The upcoming episodes will be very interesting and very near to the date, No need to wait a long the show will be stream this weekend. So get ready for the awaited episode of your favorite animated show.

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