Watch Don Hindi-Dub (2022) Movie (World Television Premiere) On Colors Cineplex 14th August at 8PM

In this article, we are going to tell you the coming date of this movie on Tv and other details. As this movie is Telugu based and now it is coming on tv with a Hindi dubbed version. This movie has created a fan base after its release as this movie cast is great and did comedy in this film very well. People are curious to know more about this film and where it is coming on tv. So, if you are one of them so we have shared details about this movie in the next sections. Let’s have a look.

World Television Premiere #Don (2022)

This movie is in the Telugu language and is directed & written by Cibi Chakarvarthi this movie includes a cast like Suryah, Priyanka Arul Mohan and many others. This movie is all about a student who is studying for being an engineer and still, he doesn’t find interest in studying and trying to find his passion. This movie has been loved by many people and this movie has created a fan base among people. People gave positive reviews on this movie and get positive ratings on various platforms and the box office collection also reached a high which is mentioned in the next section.

Don (2022) Movie World Television Premiere

This movie was released on 13th May 2022 and people loved this movie as the budget of this movie was 15crore and the total box office collection of this movie was around Rs 125 crore which is a good score. This movie was decided to release on 25th March but to avoid a clash with this movie they cancelled this release date and got a huge response. Many people visited the theatre many times to see this movie again as this movie is also filled with comedy, drama, action and romance.

Where To Watch Don On Tv?

Many people were not able to see this movie in the theatre so this movie is coming with the Hindi dubbed version on Tv. As many people were curious to know where this movie is coming on Tv so the movie is coming on Colours Cineplus on 15th August at 8 PM. This is the perfect time to spend your time with your family. We advised you to set an alarm so you don’t miss this movie and enjoy the movie. If you loved the movie so you can share the reviews of the movie in our comment sections.

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