What Happened To East Lothian Biscuit Tin Founder Appears On Dragons Den

A piece of interesting and amazing news is circulating on all the internet with higher speed and grasp all the attention and attraction of the internet users towards it is that an East Lothian serial entrepreneur comes on BBC One’s Dragons’ Den. The lady is recognized as Sheila Hogan, who is the founder of the digital legacy vault company named Biscuit Tin and she faced and appeared the Dragons on the 10th February episode of the show on Thursday. The Association of Scottish Businesswomen’s former President established her company in the month of October in the year 2020 following her own individual experience of losing and losing her parents. The Dunbar entrepreneur goals and focused to seal a void in the market and modify how “end of life”1 planning is organised today. The digital vault is created to securely keep important data and details such as the account details, necessary documents, post-life desires and recollections all in one suitable position.  Be with our page and blog to grasp all the details and information about this.

What Happened To East Lothian

Deborah Meaden comes into this business through this concept because of her own individual experience and she is a well known and popular entrepreneur and is on the list of top businesswomen of the year. Now, the entrepreneur appeared in the BBC One’s Dragons’ Den where she presented and described her company but the Dragons of the show were named Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies and new Dragon Steven Bartlett sadly not chose to invest in this time around.

What Happened To East Lothian

All the Dragons of the show desired the entrepreneur luck and Ms Hogan left the Den more motivated than ever, after coming out from the show without got any investment, the founder of the Biscuit Tin stated that “The whole experience has been tremendous” and the only thing which she didn’t like and had an issue that the new Dragon Steven Bartlett’s worries over her capability to compete and succeed against bigger tech companies and for this, she stated that “She can build a tech company and she will” – Good luck Sheila!

Talking about the experience and the adventure which she faced and experienced in the show is that she has simply no regrets and the Dragons’ Den has been a remarkable experience, and such a liberty to be a portion of and preparing and casting to at a high-profile and hugely thriving bunch of businesspeople was a great chance for her and her company named Biscuit Tin. The show named Dragons’ Den airs at 8 PM on Thursdays only on BBC One. Stay tuned with us.

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