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What time does Crashh release?

After ALTBalaji’s back-to-back hits in the last month, the next big question to linger on the top of your head must be ‘What’s next?’ Hold that thought. We are here to put an end to your turmoil right there, right now. Brace yourself as you are about to hop on a roller-coaster ride of emotions with the release of ALTBalaji’s upcoming drama, Crashh.  With the recent announcement of the series, we can assure you that you’re in for some unexpected twists and turns at every step.

Quite recently, ALTBalaji took to Instagram to give everyone a glimpse of the Crashh web series. They shared several posters, teasers, and trailers on their feed that has successfully raised the curiosity of every ALTBalaji viewer. Lo, aap bhi dekh lo inki ek jhalak!

After the makers dropped the poster, trailer, and teaser of the Crashh web series, it became an instant hit among the viewers. Not only was it immensely applauded for its storyline but also for the stellar star cast. Quite literally!

Come, take a glance at some of the comments dropped by the fans:

Siddhartian27: Really very excited thnkss for casting best😍😍😍 anushka,zain rohan,… Aditi each nd everything is perfect Really happy

Ashu_shahare143: Sooo interesting storyyy💝

Joti_aggarwal: This is superb..and i m very excited…🔥🔥🔥😍😍

Roshan.is.heartbeat: Omg can’t wait for 14th February😍😍😍

Adivikian_forever: Eagerly waiting for #Crashh 😍

Its_jot145: It’s amazing can’t wait for it 😍😍😍

Elegantsen.x: Can’t waittt🔥🔥

Princeofindia__rohan: Just loved the trailer 😍😍 waiting for 14 feb🤩🤩🤩

Starring Rohan Mehra, Zain Imam, Anushka Sen, Aditi Sharma, Kunj Anand, and other well-known actors of the industry, ALTBalaji’s Crashh is an emotional tale that celebrates the love between four siblings. It brilliantly portrays their reunion after being separated by one fateful incident on a dreadful night. The series is a saga of tragedy, love, connections, reunion, and separation, in short!

ALTBalaji’s Crashh web series primarily revolves around the life of four kids. Rahim (Rohan Mehra). Alia (Anushka Sen). Kajal (Aditi Sharma). Kabir (Kunj Anand). It is interesting to watch how the four of them cross each other’s paths. What really adds to their story in the entry of Dr Rishab played by Zain Imam in their life. Huh? Ab ye kaisa twist hai? What is his role in the life of the four siblings? Well, you’ll see that soon.

Besides the four leading actors, Zain Imam also happens to play a pivotal role in the Crashh web series. He will be seen playing the role of a hard-working doctor who dives himself into his work to forget his dreadful past. Speaking of his character, Rishab, Zain said, “For ‘Crashh’, I loved the script and my character, and hence I signed up for it. My sincere regards to Ekta ma’am and the team for giving me this opportunity and I hope my fans and the audience give us love in this new venture.”

Get ready to catch the actors on the Crashh web series on the 14th of February. The show will start streaming in afternoon. Bekaaboo 2 is next in the release line up of ALTBalaji for the month of Feb’21.

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