Eoin Coss Death Reason? Eoin Coss From Mountmellick Passed Away With Cancer Battle

Eoin Coss, a young football player from Mountmellick, Townparks, Co. Laois, Ireland died after being diagnosed with a long-term disease. He was playing the game of football for the team Mountmellick in Ireland. He was a very young boy who had not even seen the world so much. Eoin Coss took his last breath on the 10th of November, 2022, when he was surrounded by his family members in his house. He was on his bed during his last days and he was also not in the condition to speak.

Eoin Coss From Mountmellick die?

Eoin Coss, the young football player died at the age of 14. The news of the demise of Eoin Coss was shared by the Mountmellick UTD FC on social media platforms and the internet. It has been shared in the statement released by the Mountmellick UTD FC, that Eoin Coss was suffering from the rarest type of cancer. Eoin Coss had been suffering from the rarest type of cancer for one year, and he was fighting the disease with all his bravery and strength.

What Happened With Eoin Coss?

Eoin Coss was playing for the team Mountmellick UTD FC. And Eoin Coss died on the 10th of November, 2022 while he was admitted to the hospital for his treatment of cancer. According to the sources, Eoin Coss was admitted to the hospital at the Crumlin Children’s Hospital. He was in the intense care of the hospital. Eoin Coss was a very brave, strengthful, courageous, and full of love kind of child. He was even so optimistic about everything that he had done.

Eoin Coss was being taken care of by his parents named Kevin and Martina as well as his elder brother. There were a lot of things that Eoin Coss had done, but still the age of 14 is a very young age to leave the world, his family members, and his friends. And there is still so much that had to see and experience. Sadly, Eoin Coss is never going to experience the things that he had to.

During the hardest phase of the family members and the friends of Eoin Coss, we stand by them and pray that god gives them strength to bear their loss and move forward with the beautiful memories that they have with Eoin Coss. We also pray that wherever Eoin Coss would be, may god gives him the peace and lots of love that he always needed.

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