EPCA puts deadline: All Delhi-NCR vehicles must carry fuel stickers by October

EPCA puts deadline: All Delhi-NCR vehicles must carry fuel stickers by October: EPCA [Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority], a supreme court appointed body on Thursday said that all the vehicles of Delhi-NCR must carry fuel stickers by the October. Till date, more than 75,000 registered 4-wheelers vehicles have got HSRP and stickers. The number is still not enough because there are about 5 million 4-wheelers vehicles remaining that still need the stickers.

On Thursday, EPCA told the Delhi government and the states whose territories fall in NCR must ensure that all the 4-wheelers should carry colour-coded stickers that will help in detecting what fuel they use. The 4-wheelers include old, new, private, and commercial, cars, trucks and buses. It must be done before the coming October.

Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority also has asked the regions to ensure only High Security Registration Plates or HSRP should be used on every vehicle and that too before the deadline of October.

Sunita Narain, one of the EPCA members gave the deadline till October to Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan.

She said, “EPCA would like to get all four states — Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan — to notify the options and time frame under which they will ensure that all old four-wheelers would get the colour-coded stickers and HSRP. This work should be completed by October 2019.”

The EPCA directive gave guidelines that every petrol and CNG vehicles will carry light blue stickers, diesel vehicles will carry orange stickers, and electric and hybrid vehicles will carry green stickers on their windscreen. These colour coded stickers and HSRP are on work in Delhi since last October and older vehicles that are registered since 2011 are also going to get colour coded stickers.

EPCA authorities said that this colour codes will help in targeting the diesel vehicles and will also restrict their movements as diesel vehicles create more pollution than petrol and CNG vehicles. The colour coded stickers will help the government to reduce vehicles from the road that also on the basis of their age and fuel type. This would be done when emergency road rationing actions are in effect.

HSRPs will help in tracking the automobiles with a laser number linked to the registration number that is uploaded on the VAHAN, the Delhi government transport department’s online portal since last year.

KK Dahiya, Spl. Commissioner Transport cum Managing Director said, “As we have one vendor, we will implement this in phases. For now, vehicles which were registered between 2011 and 2012 are being catered to. We will soon float tenders to appoint new vendors to speed up the process.”

Vehicle-owners are meant to register online and need to approach the government-appointed vendor to update their plates and stickers in Delhi and Haryana. Meanwhile, there are no vendors in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.