Epic Episode! Kaala Teeka 26th October 2016 Today Written Updates

Epic Episode! Kaala Teeka 26th October 2016 Today Written Updates :- ZEE TV most interesting extraordinary program, Kaala Teeka looks like an excellent successful show, which gives the unlimited voltage potential that shifts to the Kaala Teeka supporters.


Kaala Teeka 26th October 2016 Written Update

The interesting TV series Kaala Teeka often made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never terminating dilemma way and naturally the enormous crux of the show is to showcase in the new episodes that, Devri says to nandu you need to wed Kali? he says she is my lady of the hour as of now. Devri says no I will get you wedded to her no doubt yet on a condition. Devri says after marriage you will give your lady to your sibling for one day. Devri says yes I will.

Where In the latest episode,Manjri says why didn’t you tell everybody? Kali says in light of the fact that I need to discover what devri is up to. He would think everything is going as he arranged.

He would make his next stride and we will comprehend what he is up to. The youngster says an infant is not, in any case, one-year-old yet, her mom’s kundli is sparing her.

Devri says I will focus on her. We need to seed Kali’s womb. That infant will get us our forces. The tyke says Kali won’t cross cutoff points. Devri says she will need to. I will drive her. She claims to be so immaculate, she will bring forth a wrongdoing.

Devri’s seed will be in her womb, it will have all the detestable forces I have dependably yearned for. Manjiri says what does this Devri need from my family. Devri says I have control, Kali. I will do it at any rate. He takes a gander at Manjiri in the garden supplicating.

Devri says control devri I need to rope in Kali, not her. He takes a gander at Manjiri once more. Devri draws close to her. He holds her hand and approaches Manjiri.

Devri embraces her from behind. Kalib comes and says Mannji mama.. devri was envisioning this. abruptly devri tumbles down. Kali says to Manjiri what are you doing here as of now? Manjrii says I wasn’t lethargic.

So I came here to converse with Ramji. Kali says don’t stress slam ji will make everything good. Rest. It’s late. Kali feels like somebody is behind the plants. She looks there. Yug tumbles down.

Kali remains before Yug. Devri says why are you ensuring him? who is he? He is not even your significant other. Why don’t wear his mangalsutra on the singer? Why you tend to him? He says gives up Nandu. Later, Kali dresses yug’s injury. Yug holds her hand he says return kali.

I guarantee I won’t hurt you once more. I will give you cherish and regard a spouse merits. I have done as such numerous errors. I need to settle them. gauri comes in. Devri is doing his tap. The kid says why you followed Manjiri? Your objective is Kali.

Devri says you are correct. I need to gather my seed in her womb. That manjiri.. her excellence. It stirs the creature inside me, and pull in towards her.

some power pushed me back. The youngster says what control? Devri says I dont know however this power is sufficient to battle me.