Epic Episode! Swaragini 11th August 2016 Today Written Updates

Epic Episode! Swaragini 11th August 2016 Today Written Updates :- In the TV series Swaragini, the high-voltage drama is all set to showcase that Sumi’s missing baby drama will become into focus, and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) hiding the truth about Parineeta has which is too serious for her. To bring in some fun on the show, the makers have introduced a funny incident!

Swaragini Today Written Updates

Swaragini Today Written Updates

Swaragini Today Written Updates

In the previous episode, we saw how Swara finds the truth about Dadi, from the nurse. She warns Dadi about the same but doesn’t reveal anything to Sumi as of now as Swara right now Swara wishes to find her brother means Sumi’s son first.

On the other hand, Swara declares that she wants to find Parineeta as she goes missing. Ragini fears that Swara would not find the truth of Parineeta and opposes Swara’s suggestion. The family members too, support Ragini. When Parineeta’s mother tries to take Swara’s help, Ragini brings Annapoorna and Sujata to stop her!

Swara is shocked at Ragini’s changed behaviour and feels that Ragini is hiding something from her. Swara confronts Ragini and asked to her about Parineeta. But, Ragini hurts Swara with her picking words as well asked her not to intervene in her life!

Meanwhile, Ragini withdraws money from Lakshya’s account to give the blackmailer. Ragini tries to follow the blackmailer, but the blackmailer hit Ragini and she fails to see the blackmailer’s face.

In the upcoming episodes of Swaragini, it will be shown that the Maheshwari family ask the ladies of the house to take rest. They ask them to pamper themselves by going to the parlour and in a movie date! As the men of the house announced that they will be preparing food for the family today.

So the ladies go out to have an advantage of this opportunity and when they come back they surprised to see that the food ready is ready. They all sit together to have food and are surprised that Lakshya, Sanskar, Ram, Durga Prasad and Adarsh prepared yummy food!