Epic film Baahubali (Bahubali) 1st & 2nd Day Box Office Collection Earning

Epic film Baahubali (Bahubali) 1st & 2nd Day Box Office Collection Earning :- After a long wait finally epic film “Bahubali” released and the film is getting rave reviews from viewers. After a long 1 year of pre-production, a year of shooting and a year of post production finally the wait has come to an end. “Captain of the Ship” S. S. Rajamouli decides to release his magnificent melodrama in which the total star cast has given a spectacular performance. The film features a huge star cast including, the Tollywood actors Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Tamannaah, Anushka Shetty, Ramya Krishnan and Nassar.

Baahubali Movie box office

Baahubali Movie box office

Bahubali 1st & 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Every weekend in India dozen of films released but this one is the special weekend when a powerful film “Bahubali” released with an expensive budget. The film is counted as the biggest movie biggest movie of the year in the country. This kind of cinema has never seen in the nation. The film received very well at the box office and shows are going houseful. In U.S.A. the film collects more than Rs. 1+Million. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana the tickets of the movie sold at the highest priced from 4000 to 8000. Trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted about the movie collection, “#Bahubali [Telugu] is sensational in US. Thursday preview crossed $ 1 million: $ 1,294,451 [[]] {1.80 crore}. Heroic starts some screen yet to report”. – Taran Adarsh (@taranadarsh)

Synopsis of the film : “Bahubali” is a story about courage and bravery. The tale followed, a simple young man Sivudu (Prabhas) is belongs from a tribal group and he has been born and brought up by the tribes. Changes occur in his life when he falls in love with a beautiful princess Tamanah (Tamanah). In the process of impressing her, he got to know about his true identity that he himself is a son of King Bahubali (Prabhas) and Devaseena (Anushka). His own kingdom is in hands of his cruel uncle (Rana Daggubati).

Now it is major duty of Sivudu to save his kingdom from the hands of his cruel uncle. The film ends with a twist which will reveal in its sequel which is all set to announce.

The first half of the melodrama was a little slow. Towards the interval movie gains its grip. The second half was very gripping and exciting and you will see a lot of breathtaking war sequences. Dare devil stunts and mind-blowing actions. Almost every aspect of the movie is a highlight and each and every scenes impress people.

Bahubali Movie Review

Points which make “Bahubali” a must watch film:

1. Incredible performance by the leading man: After a span of three year almost Telugu superstar Prabhas makes comeback which is worth to watch.
2. Hard work of the hero: The hard work of the Prabhas clearly shown in the movie which is ever lasting. The artist had to gain weight for the movie and he done it properly.
3. One Man Army: The story of the epic drama “Bahubali” revolves round only the leading man who gives his gigantic performance.
4. Ever first Bollywood joint hand with Tollywood: For this classic movie ace filmmakers from Bollywood Karan Johar and Southern S. S. Rajamouli join their hands with each other.
5. “Bahubali” is a Multilingual Drama: The film “Bahubali” is released in all Indian languages, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi, apart from in English and in French.
6. High Budget Indian Cinema: A massive budget of 250 crore. The highest budget movie ever in the history of Indian Cinema.
7. CG graphics: Never ever before seen CG graphics with over 600 people working on the camera graphics.
8. Director of “Bahubali”: S.S.Rajamouli directed the about who directed films like Eaga (Makhkhi) and Magdheera. You know the rest.
9. “Bahubali” already goes viral: On Facebook trailer crossed 1.5 million views, 300,000-plus likes and 200,000-plus shares in 24 hours. The trailer of the film had 4.05 million views on YouTube; Telugu and Hindi trailers crossed 1 million views each within 24 hours.
10. Brilliant Performance by the leading woman: Lead actress of the film – Anushka Shetty gives her best in the movie.

Movie Strengths:-
• Massive screenplay.
• Inconceivable Direction.
• Great performances from leading man.
• Splendid Visual Effects.
• Good cinematography.
• Great Climax.

Movie Weakness – Cons:
• Dividing the movie into film in two parts.
• First half was a little slow.
• Predicted Story.

Rating of “Bahubali” – 4*

Baahubali Movie Box Office Collection

Baahubali weekend box office collection report is below and this is the total sum of the day 1, day 2 and day 3 Baahubali box office collection report. Baahubali movie gone very well and all the fans of Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Rana Dagubatti and Tamanah Bhatia are watching the movie repeatedly for his performance.

1st Day Box Office Collection : 50 crore (all versions)

2nd Day Box Office Collection : 65 crore*

3rd Day Box Office Collection : 70 crore*

Baahubali Weekend Box Office Collection Income : 50 crore ( 1 day)


[Hindi] Fri 5.15 cr, Sat 7.09 cr. Total: ₹ 12.24 cr. India biz. SUPERB!

[Telugu] – Canada: Thu pre $ 21,875, Fri $ 25,342. Total: $ 47,217 [₹ 23.63 lacs] on 2 screens.

[Telugu] has set the BOX-OFFICE ON FIRE in USA: Thu pre $ 1,360,201, Fri $ 999,975. Total: $ 2,360,176 [₹ 14.96 cr]

[Telugu] – USA: Thu pre $ 1,360,200, Fri $ 1,061,359, Sat $ 1,035,046. Total: $ 3,456,605 [₹ 21.91 cr]

[Tamil] – USA: Thu pre $ 10,849, Fri $ 52,939, Sat $ 92,304. Total: $ 156,092 [₹ 98.92 lacs]


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