Epic Twist! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Epic Twist! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Mansi scolding her doctors and wards for letting Gopi escape. Premiere comes there and slaps her and asked her why she is not taking the Psychiatrist’s medicine.


On the other side, Jaggi tries to teach the dance to Jai and Veeru. Urmila compliments him and says he dances really well. Jaggi told her that he learnt the dance from Remo D’Souza’s dance show.

Meanwhile, ACP called Meera to meet him. He told her that he has found some clue and it shows that the guy who shot Vidya is from her house itself. Prakash hears this conversation from the door.

Meera leaves the Police station. ACP goes out and comes back. Meanwhile, CBI came there and catches him and found drugs under his seat. ACP denies and says he does not know that drugs were found below his seat. CBI takes him with them. Prakash has seen around and Naiya calls him and converses with him romantically.

In the Modi Sadan, Gopi wakes up and asked how she came home. Kokila told her that an Angel brought her back. Kokila goes down in her house and saw Jaggi playing with Jai and Veeru.

When Jaggi turns Gopi slips and Jaggi holds her. Gopi looks at her for a while. Jaggi says it now time he should leave. Jai and Veeru cries. Kokila asked him to stay in the house for at least 1 month. Jaggi denies and went to his room to pack the bag. Gopi follows her and they clashed with each other. Jaggi asked what she is doing here?

On the other side, Meera gifts jewellery to Naiya. Naiya recalls how Meera used to scold her when she used to wear her jewellery. Meera apologises to Naiya and told her that she is really excited for her marriage and her will do a lot of shopping for her marriage.


In the upcoming episode, Krishna comes to Modi Bhavan with lawyer and police and says Gopi became his wife recently, but she is his patient since 5 years and is mentally unstable. Inspector says he can take Gopi. Gopi says she will not go. Krishna drags her. Kokila stands crying helplessly.