Epic Twist! SSK Sasural Simar Ka 24th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Epic Twist! SSK Sasural Simar Ka 24th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Piyush telling everything about Simar to Roshan and Roshni because they were worried about her. Roshi told Piyush that she can not believe she is your sister. The, those three decided to meet her.


SSK Sasural Simar Ka 24th August 2016 Episode

Suddenly Police came there and bring Simar with them. Police told Piyush that next time if any complaint willl come againt her, then we ill arrest her. Piyush says how you could stop her from letting her meet with her daughter. He get angry, but Roshan asked him to calm down.

Simar told Piyush that Anjali doe not want to see my face, she hate me so much. Piyush asked Roshini to take her choti ma inside room. Piyush told Roshan that maa loves Prem papa a lot but he don’t respect her. Rpshan says choti maa still respect him, so there must a good thing about your papa. Then, all three make  paln to meet Prem.

Meanhwile, Anjali told Khushi that I don’t care about Simar nor about my Papa. Anjali showed her desire to only fulfill her dreams. She told Khushi that I am waiting for Arjun’s text and I will do anthing to make him happy as he is the key that can take me to Mumbai.

In the next scene, Piyush came in front of Prem’s car. Prem went out of his car and other people styart blamming Prem for this. But Piyush accepted his mistake. Prem appreciated him that he accepted his mistake.

Then, Prem sees the resume of Piyush and gave him his visiting card and asked him to come and meet him at his office at 11 tommorrow. Piyush come back home and visiting card felt out of his pocket and Simar sees it.

Piyush told simar to not cry as she had promised to her that she will never cry. Simar also asked him to not hate his papa. On the other side, Mataji fell out from the stairs.

Next, morning Piyush reaches at Prem’s office and told receptionist that he has a appointment with Prem. She asked him to wake. But after hal an hour, Piyush again asked her to meet Prem.

Security guard came there and Piyush pushes him. Piyush goes to beat him, but Prem comes out of his office and shouted Piyush.


In the upcoming episode, Sattu will be seeing saying ” we have to bring taxi to take mataji to hospital. But, Piyush came there and say now there is no need to call anything. Mataji wakes up and say Piyush that she sees Simar and Prem in him.