Ericsson 5G: Showcases Nearly 1000x faster 5G Networks | All You Need to Know

Ericsson 5G: Showcases Nearly 1000x faster 5G Networks: – Well, as you all know that 4G is taking a great place in India. Everybody is very excited and happy after getting 4G services. Now, we are sure that you all are going to love this upcoming news where we are going to talk about the 5G Internet. Well, Days after pegging the 5G technology to be a $27.3-billion opportunity for the domestic telcos by 2026, mobile technology major Ericsson demonstrated the new technology, delivering a speed of 5.7 gigabytes per second.

Reports are saying that every single company is looking quite excited to grab this offer as fast as they can. Surely, this is going to be the exciting news for the companies and awesome news for the customers. The prevalent 4G networks in the country are found to be offering an average speed of 6.13 megabytes per second in a report released last month. Also, the reports are saying that that Indian government wants to introduce 5G by the end of 2020. The telecom regulator Trai has issued a consolation paper in August.

Also, Ericsson claimed this is the first-ever live demonstration of 5G network in the country which was done using its 5G test bed and 5G NR radio. “The demonstration using Ericsson’s 5G testbed delivers a throughput of 5.7Gbps and ultra-low latency of 3 milliseconds,” it said in a statement. We are sure that you all are going to love this service and we all are waiting for this service for sure.

Ericsson’s head for Southeast Asia Nunzio Mirtillo said they are getting ready for 5G play given the government vision to introduce the new generation services by 2020. The company had recently come out with a report saying India will have over 10 million 5G subscriptions by 2023 and had also pegged the total revenue potential to be USD 27.3 billion by 2026. Well, overall we are sure that you all are going to love this service for sure.