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The upcoming match of Russian Basketball League 2021 is going to host new competition that will take place between the teams Enisey Krasnoyarsk and CSKA Moscow. The venue hosting this ESN vs MOS combat will be Sports Complex Ivana Yarigina. This competition will be played on Wednesday, February 10, starting at 06:00 PM IST.

ESN vs MOS Live Stream

ESN vs MOS Live Score

Enisey Krasnoyarsk vs CSKA Moscow Preview

As of now, the team Enisey Krasnoyarsk (ENS) has taken part in total 14 matches, out of these they have gained success in only four matches. In the remaining ten matches, the team has got defeats. Their last match against the team BC Astana was a win by 78-60 score points. Earlier to this, they have also achieved victory by 86-75 points. On the other hand, their opponent team CSKA Moscow (MOS) in this season has got ten victories and four defeats from their past 14 matches. In the last played two matches, the team has got defeat from Valencia Basket and BC Kalev by 103-105 and 102-107 points respectively. From their recently played matches, we can clearly see that team MOS has been losing their winning momentum which is affecting their overall performance. With this upcoming game, the team can expect to make some improvement.

ENS vs MOS Team Squads

Enisey Krasnoyarsk Squads

Jordan Mathews, Sergei Mitusov, Sergey Balashov, Alexander Gudumak, Artem Komissarov, Kerron Johnson, Mikhail Kulagin, Ilya Popov, Ivan Viktorov, Timofey Yakushin, Tyus Battle, Dmitry Sonko, Leyton Hammonds, Dustin Hogue

CSKA Moscow Squads

Joel Bolomboy, Janis Strelnieks, Nikita Kurbanov, Semen Antonov, Andrei Lopatin, Johannes Voigtmann, Andrey Vorontsevich, Ivan Ukhov, Will Clyburn, Howard Sant-Roos, , Kyle Hines, Mike James, Mikhail Kulagin, Kosta Koufo, Daniel Hackett, Darrun Hilliard, Ron Baker

Probable Lineups

Team ENS: Jordan Mathews, Artem Komissarov, Mikhail Kulagin, Alexander Gudumak, Leyton Hammonds

Team MOS: Janis Strelnieks (PF), Mikhail Kulagin (SF), Darrun Hilliard (C), Mike James (PG), Daniel Hackett (SG)

Key Players & Winner Prediction

Overall, the team CSKA Moscow did an exceptional job throughout this season of the league but now they are losing their momentum by getting back-to-back two defeats in their recent matches (W W W L L). In the meantime, the team Enisey Krasnoyarsk that didn’t play well in their initial matches so far, is now improving their current form by getting three wins back-to-back (L L W W W). Though, team MOS has been deviated recently but they are expected to improve this form in this upcoming match by getting a win. Now coming to their high scoring players, the team Enisey Krasnoyarsk (ENS) have Jordan Mathews, Kerron Johnson and Leyton Hammonds as their high ranking players. In the meantime, the team CSKA Moscow (MOS) has Mike James, Will Clyburn, and Darrun Hilliard as their key players who are performing well throughout this league.

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