EuroMillions.com is completely renewed inside and outside

The ambitious lottery based portal undergoes a remodeling that comes accompanied by more proposals for worldwide users.

Raised, designed and created by a talented international team, the EuroMillions.com lottery website is a project born to change the way you play and adapt it to the most modern times. In a time when everything is done through the Internet and with a mobile phone in your hands, their proposal fits perfectly with current trends and keeps evolving to always be at the forefront.

The core of its service revolves around the lottery, allowing people from any country in the world to play the biggest European game EuroMillions from the comfort of their sofa and even check the results of the draws held in Paris twice a week. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, since much more that is revealed as you immerse yourself in this web.

What EuroMillions(.)com offers the public

1.Good prices

EuroMillions(.)com is an operator recognized by the official regulatory entities. They have the authorization to sell tickets, in addition to doing it with really enviable prices. Its offer looks to be one of the most economical you can find online.

2.No commissions

One of the main commitments of this start up is that the player’s benefits belong entirely to the player. Because of this, the commissions shine with force by their total absence. There are not, nor will there be. They want you to enjoy what you win without having to resign to losing part of your earnings through commissions. Something that, today, is very difficult to find in any other portal of this type.

3.Absolute comfort

Playing is something extremely simple and comfortable. Choose what interests you, decide and proceed with the purchase through a procedure that is tremendously short. From that moment, the rest is more comfort still. You will not have to worry about following results or anything similar, since they will be in charge of managing everything and, in case of winning, rewarding you and notifying you for it.

In fact, when you participate in a draw, an email with the results will be sent to your address. This way you will know if you have lost or if, otherwise, you have won. If so, you can withdraw your money anytime, or use it top lay again.

4.Total security

As we have explained before, EuroMillions(.)com operates totally within the legal margins. It is an operator of lotteries with official license that, in addition, has been completely shielded to avoid external attacks that endanger the experience of use for the consumer.

By having the support of large certification companies and even major financial companies, they guarantee total transparency and good work when dealing with your money. You do not have to worry about it in the least. Of course, in case of possible incidents, doubts or claims, there is a whole team willing to help you through a live chat.

What has just arrived and the imminent future

Although it is already a robust, complete, safe, comfortable and fast system, EuroMillions(.)com wants to continue growing. The enrichment of its offer and the improvements both aesthetically and user-friendly are something that is already underway, with very juicy news.

1.Multi-language platform

Users will find a website that has all its content in 5 different languages: Spanish, English, Italian, Dutch and Russian. Players who know these languages can surf without any problem through the portal.


The other change that comes in these days is a total change of the graphic to better adapt to the current times. A small face wash that advocates aesthetic renovation and practicality. Everything to improve the game experience.

3.New sections

To offer something much more complete to the user, EuroMillions(.)com will soon integrate several sections with information, tips and even statistics to elaborate some strategy with which to amass a good number of victories.

4.New games

Another major novelty planned for the upcoming spring. This start up has planned the addition of a larger repertoire of games aimed at attracting audiences of all kinds. One of the great proposals in this regard is the Powerball, very popular among the American public.