Everyone Get Shocked! Ishqbaaz 29th June 2016 Written Updates Episode

Everyone Get Shocked! Ishqbaaz 29th June 2016 Written Updates Episode :- In the new TV series Ishqbaaz it is all set to showcase that Rudra will be showing a girl to Shivay who will be also breaking Shivay’s attitude as Rudra is aware of it that Shivay is an arrogant person and to make him humble Rudra will have to make him realised the real values’ of the life.


Ishqbaaz 29th June 2016 Written Updates

In the last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz, we saw that with three brothers did Aarti of Lord Ganesh together. One man burns himself and Shivay try to stop him. Then they show what happened 8 hours before.

A girl tells today is Prithviraj who is her grandfather has a birthday today. Dadi says that great, now the Oberoi brothers will be meeting with the media. Now the girl says that she has to take medicines for all things. Dadi says okay and Dadi also narrates her story that how Dadi and Dadu used to fly kites.

Dadi also asked that the Oberoi brother’s upbringing happened in very strict atmosphere that is why they are excel on their works. Their parents and Dadu were the super strict but we always give the right knowledge to our son.

She blesses that girl that she will have the good partner like her. The girl says you will make a video diary for Dadu as your love for Dadu is incredible. She now speaks about her elder brother Tez is the richest man but he used to say that poorest person is the person who is richest.

Dadi says Tez is the person who is the rich businessman and the girl says yes, he is my brother and she says now I have to go for Puja ceremony in the temple where she had an encounter with Shivay. In her heart, Dadi thinks that Shivay need a life partner like this girl as he is having anger but his heart is clear like water.

In the temple, the girl realised that Shivay is showing of himself for which the girl get pisses of but she performed her Puja and shows no interest in him and now Shivay is keep staring her as she did not speak a single with Shivay.