Everyone get shocked! Mere Angne Mein 23rd July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Everyone get shocked! Mere Angne Mein 23rd July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The stars with the conversation between the Shubham and Riya. Shivam tell Riya that no one has ever done to me and you are Kaushalya.


Riya started crying and replied like now, you have started comparing with Mami Ji and even I became only 1 percent of the mummy, then I would have won you. Shivan then kisses the forehead of Riya and smiles.

Meanwhile, Nandu went to Preeti’s room and told her that he want to tell something. Riya confirmed him that, Are you leaving me ?

Nandu says, this your birthday, you just say I will be brought up that thing. She demanded a 3 tier cake and also insulted Nandu by saying hm that a clerk can afford this.

But Nandu accepted her proposal ad promised to fulfill the wish. Meanwhile, Pari and Sarla were conversing and they asked Rani to me green tea but Nirmala asked Pari to make their tea by their own.

Then, Shanti calls Sarla and told her about the Preet’s birthday bash. Sarla got angry and told Shanti that why they don’t celebrate his birthday of Pari and it is not pari’s fault if her husband is in a mental hospital. Meanwhile, Pari hears this and thinks to ruin Preeti’s birthday party.

in the next scene, Sarla throws the flowers brought up by the Amit for Nirmala and then, Sarla scolded Nirmala and told her that she has only permitted her to marry Amit, not for the Suhagraat.

And then she asked Nirmala to hand over all her jewelry to her as she will keep them safe. But, Sarla denied to this proposal.

Then, Rani challenges Nirmala that Does she really want Nirmala’s jewelry. And Sarla promises her that she will get the Nirmala’s jewelry until nex morning.

On the other side, Nimmi was seen remembering Vyom’s death and she were crying. Then, Kaushalya, Shanti and Raghav Nimmi got alone, who will wipe her tears, happiness won’t come back in her life, how will she live.

On the other side, Nandu was thinking about arranging the 4500 rs. for buying a cake for Preeti’s birthday. Suddenly, he remembers about an ad in Newspaper and he made a call to the number mentioned in the advertisement.

They, told him that we had need of a man for keeping an apple on his head but we have got our man already, so there is no further place for him. Nandu became sad after hearing this.

In the next morning, Riya told nandu that she has a new saree, he can give it to Preeti but Nandu denied and told Riya that he will gift Preeti with his hard earned money.

Then, Shanti told nandu to take Preeti out and Nandu tells everyone that I was thinking about visiting temple.

Meanwhile, Preeti thought that everyone forgets her birthday, so was trying everyone to recall her birthday.

Meanwhile, Pari orders a cake and on cake, it was written that “Happy Birthday Mrs. Clerk”

PRECAP OF 23rd July

In the upcoming episode of Mere Angne Mein, fans will witness that Riya will get a call and then, he will inform everyone that Nandu has participated in a competition where he has to keep an apple on his head and thus, everyone will get shocked.