Everyone gets Shocked! Thapki Pyar Ki 15th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Everyone gets Shocked! Thapki Pyar Ki 15th April 2016 Episode Written Updates : The yesterday night episode of the TV series “Thapki Pyaar Ki” showcased that it is Vasundhara send Thapki and Shraddha in the kitchen to bring some kitchen stuffs. And afterward in the kitchen Shraddha said to the Thapki that what the total list Vasu wants was. It is Thapki is very excited as she did her 9 days Puja ceremony and after doing these 9 days Navraatri Vrat it is now her day to read the Durga Chaalisa in the final day of the Puja.


Thapki Pyar Ki 15th April 2016 Written Updates

Shradhda wants to ruin the Thapki’s plan of the reading the Durga Chaalisa as Thapki is now became close to the Vasu, which makes Shraddha more jealous on her. So she wants to lock Thapki in the kitchen by making her fool and when Thapki turn to take the Gud, Shraddha locked her in the kitchen.

But when Shraddha was on her way to leave, she had an encounter with Bihaan and Bihaan said to her that give me keys damn, Shraddha says no. Bihaan said I am not in the support of Thapki, I am actually in support of the yours. Shraddha shocked to hear so and looked on.

Now Shraddha asked to the Bihaan that make sure, Thapki should not comeback and and she should not making her reach to the Puja ceremony as I don’t want her to read the Durga Chaalisa. And now Bihaan stands in his standby mode outside the kitchen as he won’t make Thapki to come out from the kitchen.

Now Thapki is shocked to see that she has been locked in the kitchen and Thapki started saying “Kholo Kholo Darwaza Kholo….. (Open open the doorrrrrrrrrr please open)……
“Shraddha Kholo Darwaza, Hum Jaante Hain, Tumhi ho” (Open the door Shraddha, I know it is you, open)…… “Mujhe Durga Chaalisa Ka Paath Karna Hain” (I have to do the Durga Chaalisa). In the mean time, Vasu is waiting for Thapki and her phone is in her room but she is disappearing.

Vasu is tensed and Shraddha is keep saying that she will be doing the Durga Chaalisa Path as right now he is memorised the Durga Path and she also said for how long we will be waiting for the Thapki. Vasu is anxious but in no mood to let Shraddha do the Durga Path as she wants Thapki to do it. Thapki is worry!!!