Expelled member Sasikala Pushpa says AIADMK full of slaves

New Delhi: On Wednesday, Sasikala Pushpa lashed out at the AIADMK saying it is full of slaves. An AIADMK MP, Sasikala Pushpa was expelled recently. The Rajya Sabha MP Pushpa told media reporters in New Delhi that I do not want to be a part of his slave gang.


MP Pushpa warned the leader of AIADMK party that she will retort, while deploying the caste card to counter the allegations against her saying that it is her Nadar community which is being harassed.

She said that I will retaliate if the oppression continues as I am the one who is being oppressed here. People will give a incontrovertible reply in the elections.

Against the backdrop of brawl related to her removal and registration of police case against her family in Tamil Nadu, She said that I belong to Nadar community and am not virtuous. People of Tamil Nadu are watching all this. I have the backing of my community, Nadar. The Nadar community is one amongst the most powerful in the southern districts of the state.

The domestic helper who worked at the house of Pushpa in Tamil Nadu, had registered a complaint to police. The domestic helper alleged that Pushpa, her husband Lingeswara Thilakan and son Pradeep Raja had tortured them.

Pushpa alleged that the maids were instigated to complain against her family. She showed a letter,which was allegedly written by an AIADMK party worker, threatening to kill her in Delhi itself.

She said that If this type of savagery and sufferings faced by an MP like me, just think the plight of low-level workers and other office bearers. She added that many leaders in AIADMK are glad that she had brought these issues in the public domain.

MP Pushpa said that the leaders of AIADMK party were wondering who would bell the cat. Now many are glad.

On Wednesday, the government of Tamil Nadu was restrained by the Delhi High Court from taking any coercive action till today against Pushpa, her husband and their son in connection with the harassment of a maid.

The court said this while hearing the anticipatory bail pleas of Rajya Sabha MP and AIADMK party member Sasikala Pushpa, her husband and son.