Experts: Death Penalty is Fast-Food Solution to stop Rape

Experts: Death Penalty is Fast-Food Solution to stop Rape : Lighting candles, Marching, and protesting against the rape, after the rape isn’t going to stop the problem. The solution is not hard to find and experts are trying to come up with the good working solution under the law, but nothing is working out so far. After the Unnao and Kathua rape whole world is in shock and we have seen so much public outrage but seriously our law is sleeping while these rapists are growing day by day.

Now, the Unnao and Kathua rape news may be made you feel disgusting but the fact is every day in India someone gets raped. Now, so many crimes don’t even make the first line of newspaper or media probably ignore them because they aren’t profitable. Reports are coming that Union minister Maneka Gandhi announced plans to introduce the death penalty for rapists of children below 12 years. It’s a much-needed law and maybe it will decrease these types of crimes.

Even, some states like Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Arunachal Pradesh and Rajasthan have already passed the bill. On the other hand, Maharashtra, Delhi, and Karnataka are still considering the proposal and we are expecting that they are going to accept it. On the other hand, experts are saying that child sex, rape, or physical abuse is a complex crime, unlike murder.

You all should know that death penalty isn’t that easy way and it’s not a solution. Anup Surendranath, director of the Death Penalty project at Delhi’s National Law University, describes death penalty as a fast-food solution for child rape, He said, “The demand for death penalty arises from disgust and society’s need for revenge, not out of a need to protect the child.

If you are expecting the death penalty then you all should know that in 95% cases, the perpetrator is relative or someone close to the child. Now, in this case, the child will be under severe pressure to not report the abuse. Also, this law will not work as we are expecting you all should know that NLSIU, and POCSO found that in 59% of cases the children turned hostile which means that police will never get any case and these children will die because of this law.

Also, as you may read above that Karnataka is still thinking about this law but you all should also know that this state has high rates of this crime, around 94%. This, along with the shoddy investigation, results in the low conviction under what has been seen as a strong Act.