How Can Eye Infections And Injuries Cause Permanent Damage To Cornea?

The injuries or infections that happen in the cornea can result in clouding of the cornea or scarring of it. This provides a direct impact on the vision and can decrease the visual ability of an individual or in the worst case, destroy it. This happens because the cornea sustains permanent damage to the injury or infections.

The cornea is the area in the eye-shaped like a dome, appears clear and covers mainly the front portion of the eye. The light that passes eye to help in our vision is directly going through the cornea before it reaches the retina, which is present in the posterior part of the eye. Therefore, the cornea has to be clear for the light rays to pass through it.

Corneal opacities caused due to infections can create problems such as problems in vision, irritation in the eyes, and blindness as well. Expert surgeons at Eye7 says- “problems related to the cornea are 4th, only behind glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration when it comes under the causes of blindness”.

Infections, injury, and eye disease are the main reasons for the cornea to sustain damage. Given below are some of the symptoms and causes of the conditions which can damage the cornea.

Symptoms of Corneal diseases

Cornea mainly consists of five different layers made of strong and tough tissue, each for specific functions. It protects the eye from germs, foreign substances, and dust and UV rays. It helps to properly bend the light rays falling on the eye to produce a clear image. Change in shape of cornea cause problems like astigmatism, myopia, or hypermetropia. These refractive errors occur when the cornea shape is changed due to diseases and infections.

Corneal Infections

The infections that happen in cornea mainly occur due to various reasons. All of these can damage the cornea. Some of the symptoms include-

  • The eye tissues get swollen, and eyelids become heavy along with the redness in the eye.
  • Vision getting blurred.
  • Irritation in the eyes.
  • Sudden sensitivity to change in light or strong light.
  • Sensation that something is present in the eye.
  • Eye discharges.
  • Occurrence of cloudy spots or milky areas on the cornea.
  • Loss of vision

Corneal Injuries

The injuries in cornea mainly occur when the eye gets a blow or strike from a foreign object which gets in the eye suddenly or something external. Such sudden strikes can cause scratches or even cuts to the cornea. Most of the common causes that lead to the injury of the cornea are-

  • Irritation from chemicals.
  • Sand, dust, or a foreign object in the eye.
  • Something external striking the eye, like a hand or a tree branch.
  • Radiation injury acquired from welding, sun lamps, or sun rays itself.
  • Complications due to wearing contact lenses.

Minor corneal abrasions can heal pretty quickly, usually within two days or so. The severe wounds take more time and cause redness, tearing, pain, or irritation. When the cornea gets scarred too deeply, vision problems will occur.

Treatments include using ointments or eye drops, temporary contact lenses, or patching the eye. When the cornea damage is permanent, cornea transplant is needed. This is a surgery that replaces the damaged cornea by removing it and placing a healthy donated cornea instead.

Cornea Surgery at Eye7 Chaudhary Eye Centre in Delhi

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Details are discussed with the patients regarding their case, and solutions are suggested as per the patient’s budget. Cornea surgery is suggested if the infection needs to be restricted locally or to improve the eye’s overall health.