F1 Visa: Punjabis’ US Study & Job Plan is on hold

F1 Visa: Punjabis’ US Study & Job Plan is on hold: Well, reports are coming straight from the all the students from Indian including every single state is going to struggle in getting US visa for studies or after that job. You all should keep that in mind that US government is already very strict over H1-B visa and now they are considering a hold or pause on the F-1 type of visa. All the parents are wondering that whether their children’s academic student visa (F-1) would lead to a work visa (H1-B) later, as used to be the normal practice so far.

F1 Visa: Punjabis’ US Study & Job Plan is on hold

This will affect all the students who are planning for an American education and H1-B visas after that for a job. Sources are claiming that the Trump administration has put F1 visa – granted to international students, under the radar. Reports are coming that new guidelines put restrictions on work that can be done during the critical Optional Practical Training (OPT) period after the completion of the first year, which for most students determines whether they can nurture the hope of getting an H-1B visa, and subsequently, permanent residency. T

Also, the sources are confirming that he is making parents rethink the choice of foreign lands they want to send their kids to. Some reports are also claiming that F-1 Visa will be on hold or pause until they can make new guidelines properly and every single student has to re-think their plans. Now, we took Punjabi students as an example where anyone can be the part of this problem or update. The F-1 Visa (academic student) allows a candidate to enter the United States as a full-time student at an accredited college or university.

Overall, this will affect all the students mostly from the Punjab and Gujarat because these two states have big numbers of candidates for the F-1 Visa and following visa.  The exorbitant fee charged from South Asian students, contributes substantially to the US economy. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) guidelines suggest that F1 visa students can be approved for an OPT only if they are allowed to work onsite.