Facebook Data Leak: They Shared Data with 60+ companies including Samsung & Apple

Facebook Data Leak: They Shared Data with 60+ companies including Samsung & Apple: You all : should know that Facebook is getting into a very big mess as they are already facing the Privacy issues. As you all may know that Facebook is already getting trapped because of the “Data Leak” and now a media report is claiming that they shared Data with 60 device makers, including Apple and Microsoft, giving them access to information of users and even their friends. Also, they did share the Data of 87 Million users and people with the other big companies too.

Sources are saying that they didn’t just stop with the British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. You can say that it is a new light on the whole controversy and it isn’t going to be alright. You all should know that Facebook, which was founded back in 2004, has already reached data-sharing partnerships with at least 60 device makers. Also, this leak includes big companies like Apple, Amazon, BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Samsung. Even they leaked the data before they started offering the Facebook apps for the Smartphones.

Even this new controversy is going to start much trouble for the company. The reports are saying that Facebook signed a deal with these companies and it let the device makers offer customers’ popular features of the social network, such as messaging, “like” buttons and address books. You all should know that

Also, the reports said that “Facebook allowed the device companies access to the data of users’ friends without their explicit consent, even after declaring that it would no longer share such information with outsiders.” You all should know that Facebook vice president, “These partnerships work very differently from the way in which app developer’s use our platform.” You all should know that isn’t going to make anything good for the company, in upcoming days.