Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp were down for two hours across the World

Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp were down for two hours across the World: You all should know that Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are the three big social networking apps/websites of the world. Also, they all belong to the same tech giant company in the USA. Reports are coming that they aren’t going through a very good phase. Sources are claiming that Facebook services are experiencing technical difficulties along with Instagram and WhatsApp. You all can see the little downtime on all of these platforms.

Overall, reports are coming that the users mainly who belongs from Europe, Malaysia and some parts of the US are seeing the downtime. They all are tweeting on Twitter and talking about the downtime via tweet. Also, they are having some issues while using Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Also, the services are going through a very rough phase and will not be working soon.

Well, the down report of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp has been updated by the users. Also, the reports are coming that the website is indicating that these three social networking sites aren’t working as they should and they have listed hundreds of reports about all three popular services owned by the US tech giant. Overall, we are hoping that the company will look forward to this case and will let the users know.

Few hashtags are getting quite popular among the twitter where people are talking about this down. The users are confused that they have internet problem of these sites are really down so they are using the hashtags like these #WhatsAppDown, #InstagramDown and #FacebookDown while posting anything about the down.

Also, you all should know that the company Facebook is going through a very bad phase. You might remember that last month, Facebook users worldwide reported problems logging into their accounts, sharing posts on its website and Instagram. Also, they said that the sites aren’t even refreshing and that was one of Facebook’s worst outage. Overall, now we are expecting something similar this time and Facebook should look forward to it.