Facebook rolled out new feature : Birthday Recap Videos

Facebook rolled out new feature : Birthday Recap Videos :- To make your birthday more special, facebook has added a new feature on your timeline. This faddish social networking website has launched a new feature named as “Birthday Recap videos”. The best part about this video is that day after your birthday it itself creates a video highlighting all the pictures and messages which have been posted by your friends and family members on your timeline and hence making your birthday more memorable for you.


What is Birthday Recap Video:

As we have mentioned above this new facebook feature creates a video focusing on all the messages and pictures that have been shared by your family and friends. This video is of 45 seconds and will appear on the top of your new feed. Even user can edit this video before sharing and can manually decide which photo they want to be included in the video.

This video features a very beautiful cake which opens up to reveal all your posts and pictures. To ensure that you can see this video for yourself there must be more than three pictures or posts on your wall.

Birthday Cam feature:

Earlier this year facebook also came up with a new feature called “Birthday cam” that allows one to create the videos for their friends on the occasion of their birthday.

Facebook is also trying to launch the offline video feature in India that will enable the user to download the videos in the “Saved” section which will be present in the app itself. Looks like Facebook is coming up innovative ideas every now and then so as to keep the user engaged and active.