Facebook Videos Can Be Watched On Google Chromecast & Apple TV

Facebook Videos Can Be Watched On Google Chromecast & Apple TV :- Facebook – The world’s revolutionary social media network, has come up with an added feature related to its videos. It is very exciting when you watch your favorite and the most trending Facebook Videos on a bigger screen or your Television. Facebook users can now watch the Facebook videos on TV by just using a simple option that it has brought in recently.


Facebook has focused on bringing it to a better level and came out with an option of streaming the videos from the platform to your TV because over 100 million hours of videos are consumed each day on Facebook.

This facility can be made used by the Facebook users through devices like Google Chrome cast and  Apple TV. The Facebook users have to do is to select a video that they want to watch on their TV.

The process has been mentioned below clearly.

  • After selecting a video which you want to see on the big screen, you can find a TV Symbol on top right corner of your mobile or computer screen.
  • Click on the symbol and select a device that you want your video to stream to.
  • Done, you can now enjoy watching all your favorite Facebook Videos on TV.


Using the Facebook, all this can be done without causing any interruption. The users can go back while watching the video to their profile or news feed, respond to other’s posts, comments and like different updates, scroll through their page, and even watch more videos by following the same easy procedure.

You can also be able to see all the real-time reactions and comments that are been posted and even can join the list by commenting or reacting, if you are watching a live video on your TV.