Facebook’s Rolls Out New Slideshow Feature Turns Your Photos into Videos

Facebook’s Rolls Out New Slideshow Feature Turns Your Photos into Videos :- Apple or google users must be aware of the feature Memories and Photo’s Movies Assistant respectively. Now even facebook has rolled out a new feature that enables one convert photos or videos into a small movie like clip. I am talking about new “Slideshow” feature.

Facebook's new Slideshow feature

What is Slideshow?

Sadly this feature for now will only be available on facebook app supported by iOS devices. This feature let facebook access your gallery by syncing and it will automatically know when you have clicked more than 5 pictures in the last 24 hours. After accessing these photographs facebook will stitch these photographs together hence making beautiful slideshow showing them on the top of your news feed.

This is not the first time that company has launched this feature, it started from Company’s Moment app with a sample of users in the month of December. It is similar to that of Friendship videos which create a short movie out of the post you share or pics you update in a hope that you will post that video and contribute in keep that cycle going on at a faster pace.

Are there any themes?

There are going to be different themes offered by Facebook like epic, playful, nostalgic, Playful, Night Out, Birthday, Epic, Thankful, Tropical, Bollywood, and Amped so as to make the video more interesting. With the presence of various songs the movie turns out to be more attractive and mesmerizing.

Facebook also claims to launch more themes to attract the users. If you are not happy with the Facebook has made the video for you then you can take the charge and can edit the video by changing the order in which pictures are placed, changing the themes or one can also tag their friends in the video so that one can relish the moments which they had spend together. Company is also claiming that soon they will be adding more themes so that users can have better and more options.

One can also click on the “Try It” which appears on your friend’s slideshow. Only iOS users will be able to use this feature for now.