Facing Harassment, Here is how to tackle the issue best

Facing Harassment, Here is how to tackle the issue best :- It will not be wrong to say, that sexual harassment has now become the global issue and with every year, there is a massive rise in the victims of sexual harassed.

Sexual Harassment at work

Although, both men and women are becoming its victims the ratio of women getting sexually harassed is always way ahead when it compared with male victims of sexual harassment.

Every morning, we often used to read about the women getting harassed in workplaces, road, public transport nd even in their family. It is believed that sexual harassment is minor steps that eventually led to the rape of a woman.

The women need to understand that the small gestures and comments that will help them to avoid this ugly face of male dominated society. Female communist needs to figure out that sexual harassment is a serious issue and getting silent about it is not a solution as it will motivate the other person to continue it.

There are further ways for the women to tackle sexual harassment, and these are mentioned below. Facing the

1. Draw a hard line


It’s often quite common when you work or hang out with the friend, and few guys around you love to jokes and make other guys laugh. Although every joke of them will not get you laugh and even, they will try to hit you by vulnerable jokes.

One just needs to stop that guy by calling it immediately “OK; that wasn’t funny, but you are making me feel very uncomfortable right now, please stop.” It will make more impact when you point out this in front of other people as no one want other to blame them for harassment.

Well, if you will take harassment serious then people around you will also take it seriously.

2. Play Bold


The women must make them fierce and bold as they will have to face all these kind of nonsocial problems even at their workplace. Suppose, you are working in an MNC, and you are asked to give a presentation in front of male board members, then you must prepare yourself not just for comments regarding your presentation.

There will be some guys who will check you while you will be busy in the presentation. You just need to be confident, and straightway asks that person a question about the presentation.

This act of your will make another notch up the act of that male and even make him feel that you knows about it and you are not in a mood to tolerate it.

3. Separate you personal and professional.


Although, it will sound weird but most of the harassment cases came where the culprit was in a relationship with the victims. It apparently means if you are dating your colleague then make sure to keep your eyes open and notch every single activity of your partner and if, you smell something fishy then make it clear to him about your comfort zone.

4. Talk to your close one

STOP right there woman with hand up

Well, if you were getting harassed in at any place then try to speak of this to your closed one, which can be your parents, brothers, close friends and anyone.

Join hand with your close one and try to sort out this problem before it will turn into serious problems like rape.

5. Raise your voice.

Hispanic girl with her hand extended signaling to stop useful to campaign against violence, gender or sexual discrimination (Focused on her hand)

Never fear to raise voice against sexual harassment. It is often seen that most of the victims of rape and sexual harassment fears to raise their voice against these annoying issue of our society.

If you faced a sexual harassment then immediately file a documented complaint and take immediate action to punish the culprit. This will not only help you in tackling it but will also motivate others to take actions against sexual harassment.

These are few way to handle the sexual harassment.

Although, there is few situation when one get overanxious about getting sexually harassed and this led to uncertain doubt on numbers of innocent people.

If a guy is standing in front of you and he is looking you, then it does not mean that something fishy is cooking in his mind. There are numbers of certain guys out there who believes in admiring the beauty and thus if someone looks you, it does not mean he will do the non-social thing with you.

Female communist is the vital cog of our society, and they are not behind from boys in any field. It became the responsibility of male communist to give the space and respect that woman deserves.

The society and country will only develop when the male and female community will join hands together and work with collaboration with mare compliance with each other.

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