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Factors affecting your car insurance premium that you could be missing

There are instances when despite having the same car and having the equal parameters, your pal next door and you pay distinct amounts for your respective car insurance plan. Now, you ought to be questioning why? This text will assist you in understanding what the factors that have an effect on your car insurance premium.


Not simply one but many factors are considered at the same time while calculating your car insurance premium that mainly depend on vehicle insurance providers. Two of the most essential factors are your Voluntary Deductibles and you make a decision for an extremely low coverage insurance.

Aside from those two elements, your car insurance premium is affected by various other elements as well. Knowing such elements may be very useful if you want to make a smart choice.

Below mentioned are five factors that have an effect on your car insurance premium:

  1. Geographical vicinity

Your place displays your life-style because you carry a direct relationship with the same. The town of your car registration impacts the premium you ought to pay for your vehicle insurance. Insurance vendors have categorized various places because the ‘insurance Zones’ basis the auto’s publicity to the chance associated with your vicinity.

Usually, those zones are the metro cities together with the relaxation of India. In metro towns, there may be an excessive rate of injuries and vandalism. If you are living in a metro town, then you will have to pay a higher premium to your automobile insurance in comparison to a person who is residing in a much less evolved and lesser populated town.

For example, in case you buy a vehicle insurance plan with 0 depreciation add-on on cover and your modern vehicle in a semi-urban locality, you’ll must pay three percentage to five percentage less as compared to buying the precise plan in a metro.

  1. Kind of insurance cover

There are two varieties of car insurance plans – third-party vehicle insurance and comprehensive vehicle coverage. In the former, the insurance is applicable only for the damages precipitated to a 3rd party involved in any street mishap. It doesn’t provide any coverage to vehicle proprietor/driver or the insured car.

Within the latter, the coverage insurance is furnished for the damages carried out to both the parties worried in any avenue mishap, which includes your personal vehicle.

There are individuals who go for the third-party insurance, as its premium is lower as compared to that of a complete coverage plan. For instance, for a brand new Hyundai i10 GLS Asta, the third-party insurance premium could charge around Rs3200 to 3,500. The coverage premium for a comprehensive policy for the identical four-wheeler would cost around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000. The particular calculation relies upon the add-on riders you opt for.

  1. The type of Engine

The car insurance premium is calculated on the premise of factors – third party liability insurance and comprehensive coverage. The calculation of third party liability cover is based totally at the cubic ability (cc) of your automobile’s engine. The computation of very comprehensive cover is primarily based on the Insured Declared cost of your vehicle. In simple phrases, the coverage premium amount for a thousand CC engine vehicle might be lesser than that of a car with 1500 CC engine.

  1. Extra Layers of safety

You delivered an insurance plan with the intention to protect your vehicle from the viable dangers. if your automobile is equipped with security devices, including equipment lock, deal with lock, airbags, GPS monitoring device and so forth., the chance of your automobile being stolen decreases substantially. Insurance carriers do not forget your efforts closer to make sure the safety of your vehicle even while calculating the coverage premium. It’d provide you a reduction on the comprehensive plan premium.

  1. Car modification

Usually, automobile accessories like roof rails, spoilers and many others aren’t covered in the car insurance plans. In case you need insurance coverage for that as well, get it set up by your vehicle company while you purchase it. Your automobile provider could consist of the charges of such add-ons in the cost of your automobile. It’d be helpful for you on the way to get a high Insured Declared price out of your insurance company.

At the identical time, remember the fact that it’d hike your vehicle insurance premium.

A car coverage plan is for a specific period; it’s endorsed to do a research about those 5 essential factors that have an effect on your vehicle coverage insurance earlier than you finalize an insurance plan to your vehicle.

Conclusion –

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