FAQs About Mattresses Buying Asked to Salespeople and What You Must Ask


Mattress buying is not an easy decision and must not be taken on the fly. Impulsive shopping is never a good idea. Since, resting time is important for mind, body, and spirit, it is imperative to buy a mattress only after a proper negotiation. There are different types of mattresses that are available in the market. A few are customized and most of them are ready to buy. You must consider factors such as, material, cost, discounts, durability, raw material used, brands, reviews, and reputation of the brand before buying a mattress.

Do not sleep on the floor

Many people follow a minimalistic lifestyle and prefer sleeping on the floor by laying a cot. This is not a healthy habit. Using a mattress on the bed that is at a good height from the floor is a good for health and well being. Always buy a bed that has an adjustable frame so you can fit in any size of the mattress. This goes to say that this is one of the most important decisions for a bedroom. More than décor, it is the comfort in the bedroom that matters as it is a place where you rest and rejuvenate.

What you must ask the salesperson

  • Do not go by medical claims done by the sales people for the mattress that you buy.
  • No mattress has approval from authorities like FDA.
  • Doctors do not testify any mattress for any brands either.
  • Avoid buying mattresses that claim to have orthopedic and medical value.
  • Doctors can only recommend a mattress.
  • Buying a mattress is a personal choice.
  • When you buy a mattress ask for questions about the materials used.
  • The salesperson must be able to provide you the details about the maker of the mattress.
  • They must also be able to tell you what age group the mattress is suitable.
  • They must tell you if you need to buy a box spring or a frame for a mattress.
  • They must suggest you a mattress that keeps the body well aligned.
  • The mattress that you buy must also be within your budget.

Dimensions of the mattress

The mattress that you buy must suit the weight and height of your body. You can look for what is the best bed in the market and make a suitable decision. Mattress comparison can be a challenging task. When buying a mattress, you must take quality amount of time to research and only then buy a mattress that you are satisfied with.

If you are buying an expensive mattress, look for methods of payment and terms and conditions for buying and exchange policy. Look for warranties that come along when buying a mattress. Look at the body impressions formed on the mattress. Though this is one thing that cannot be avoided buy the effect of a good quality mattress must be able to form lesser body impressions.


Buy a mattress that can be used for as long as is the durability period of the mattress. Vacuuming is the only cleaning method that is suitable for any mattress. Hard wash is not recommended for any mattress.