Far Eastern University FEU Takings Guards To Save Tamarah

Far Eastern University FEU Takings Guards To Save Tamarah :- The extinction just means absence from the world. The exciting mainly associated with the animals as there are numbers of the creatures that are already extinct and there are few who are on the verge of getting extinct and tamaraw, or the dwarf forest buffalo is the animal whose species is on the verge of getting extinct.


Well, you all may be thinking why we are discussing Tamarah now. The month of October has been dedicated to the Tamarah animal in 2002 by the Far Eastern University. The FEU is the university was developed by the Nicanor Reyes way back in 1938 to understand and protect the tamaraw. The man even used Tamarah as his university symbol to create the awareness amongst the people and the university students to think about the Tamarah.

The Aurelio Montinola III, Chair of Far Eastern University, also the nephew of the founder of FEU, is carrying the legacy of his grandfather and making it understand the people why his grandfather set up this university.


Aurelio Montinola in a recent interview talked about his university and his students. He said ” it was the student himself who took the initiative and volunteers themselves to understand the Tamarah beter.”

Keeping in mind all the commitment of the student; the FEU contacted the
Department of Environment and Natural Resources and started the Tamarah program.

The breakthrough came in the year 2012 as FEU formalized a partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature for Project TAMS2. This program helped us and students to learn more about the Tamarah and also tracked down the people who looks to kill this species.

The Tams2 program helped in increasing the population of the Tamarah as it was around 200 when the program was launched and now, it is around 413.

Well, it looks like FEU is doing a great deal of thing for the Tamarah and we all should also look around and try to save the animals as much as possible, otherwise our upcoming future young generation will never learn about some of the special species of animal.