(FB) Facebook Introduces Photo Update New feature

(FB) Facebook Introduces Photo Update New feature :- The 21st century has been the technology prone to the massive development in the field of the social media and other social application. Facebook is one of the biggest inventions in the 21st century when it comes to social media.


The people all over the globe are using Facebook, and it became their day to day needs as it gives every single individual to represent their life to the world through the internet. Even, the Facebook always looks to accommodate their user with the latest modification.

The most recent update of Facebook, which is the 360-degree photos has been the new trend setter, especially amongst the youth. Although, it takes an effort to click and upload 360 degrees photo and even, its quite unattractive to let your friends view every corner of a specific photo.

To solve this issue, the Face has launched a new update that will allow the user to select the angle of the 360 degrees of a photo that they want to show to their homepage.

Meanwhile, earlier after uploading the 360-degree photo, the Facebook automatically pick an angle under ‘initial’ view. But, with the latest update, one can choose the initial angle of the photo as per their requirement, which allow the user to display the only content of the photo that they want to show to their friends.

Facebook updates 360-degree view

The user can upload the 360-degree photo with the new update by simply dragging the photo till it reaches most suitable angle and then, they can easily post it on FB by using iOS, Android or PC.

One can also upload the picture by clicking on the edit option from the desktop and move the mouse in such a way that you get the best view of your pic.