Features Review Windows 10 Is Automatically Start Downloading On your Windows 7 And 8 Pcs

Windows 10 Automatically Downloads On Windows 7 And 8 Pc’s: After the success of Windows 8, Microsoft made a decision to design another Windows for Pc named Windows 10, although there never came any drawback while working on its former version, it was going well. Every individual had Windows 8 installed in their personal desktops. But Microsoft doesn’t wanted to stop, and they launched their latest design of Windows today, in the market. It is available to each of you, and Microsoft has turned this version completely different from its previous design. It is believed to have all the features which no-one can even think off. Window 8 had provided them loads of money, so think how much they earn through their newest version?


Microsoft’s Windows 10 Vs Windows 8 Reviews Theme Features

If we talk about the difference between these two, then it will be right to say, that they are completely distinct. They don’t have any similar features. Lets talk about some features that are provided to Windows 10 only. This new design will have a screen sensing feature called “Continuum“, which morphs your device’s layout according to how you’re using it. this windows have a flawless touch screen facility, and a supreme quick processor. This new design is provided with a new web browser named Microsoft Edge which can deliver finger painting over the web.

Various ”inking” tools are made available to this, and the purpose of them is to highlight the web page. Another feature include “snap”,which fits one viewing window alongside another for easy multitasking. The search bar is hided, that will suddenly knock out from the bottom, if clicked. It has a pop-up menu which can be used to connect directly through browser, eliminating the need of another browser that needs a separate window to complete their task. Now, Users can modify the settings in an open dialogue with the digital assistant. According to the reviews observed on the web, by now it’s getting a good response and the youth and the businessman are loving it. Within the first hour of its launch, more than 2 billions Windows have downloaded.

Windows 10 Features

Snappier Windows

The “Snap” feature, which fits one viewing window alongside another for easy multitasking, traces its lineage all the way back to Windows 7.

Smarter Screens

Windows 10 has a screen sensing feature called “Continuum,” which morphs your device’s layout according to how you’re using it. Got a touchscreen? Windows 10 strips away the tiny menus and fattens up the buttons. A PC? Back they go for easy clicking. The seamless switch from tablet to desktop suddenly makes those 2-in-1 tablet PCs — like Microsoft’s own Surface lineup — a far more enticing proposition.

Editable Webpages

Windows 10’s new browser, Microsoft Edge, makes finger painting on the web a breeze. The new “inking” tools includes digital pens and highlighters that can be applied directly to a webpage. “If you have a static web page and you want to share something, the quickest way to do something is to circle it and send it to your friend,” says Gownder.

Broader Search

The search bar embedded in the Windows 10 start screen can take a high-altitude view of stuff stored on your device, the cloud and the web — making it a one-stop shop for all your search needs. In its finest moments, it pulls answers directly from the web into a pop-up menu, eliminating the step of launching a separate browser window.

Digital Assistance

Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, can go toe-to-toe with Siri on voice commands, but it really shines on personalized service.  Users can modify the settings in an open dialogue with the digital assistant.


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