FIFA World Cup 2018: 5 Apps will give you every single update

FIFA World Cup 2018: 5 Apps will give you every single update: Well, you all may already know that FIFA 2018 is about to start and excitement of people is on another level for it. Everyone is looking happy and excited for this amazing tournament and if you are a soccer fan then don’t just sit back relax, cheer your team and live this tournament in real life. You can say that the upcoming 31 days will be the festival for any football fan. Now, in this scenario, we want to help you out in all manners, so you enjoy this game with joy. As you all may know that event is being held in Russia, but people are going to watch this tournament worldwide.

FIFA World Cup 2018: 5 Apps will give you every single update

Even in the Asian country like India, it isn’t going to be easy for the fans to watch every single match and support the players.  You all know that most of the matches start late in the night or in most cases in the middle of the night here in India. Also, if you are a worker, student or office guy then you all know that night sleep isn’t easy to escape. Now, how will you stay connected with the tournament? Don’t worry in this condition we are going to share 5 apps which will help you in stay connected with the tournament.

Official FIFA App 2018-

Now, in this era of tech, how FIFA can stay separated with online watching. Yes! If you are living in a country where the Matches will start late at night then you all can download, “FIFA App” from the playstore. It is free and available on both Android and iOS. This app has complete information about all the participating teams, schedule of matches, image gallery, video collection and a minute by minute description of all matches.

Goal Live Score App-

If you just wanted to stay updated with the live match updates along with goals and don’t want to stick up with any frill then “Goal Live Score” App is for you, my friend. All you need to do is visit the official app and you can see any match update live. The Goal Live Score only gives you the score of all the matches. But it is pretty efficient and updates in real time.

Stats Zone-

This app will give you all the updates about the match but if you are a very interested person and wanted to know the thread and needle of the sport then this “Stats Zone” should be your first pick. The app provides detailed tactics employed during the matches. You can easily download it from Android and iOS playstore.


This app is extraordinary because it will provide you live scores, news, highlights, stats, etc along with all the information about the tournament and World Cup. Also, the very interesting feature is that you can personalize content as per your favorite teams and players.

Watch ESPN

If you are looking for something handy and capable to provide you the live streams then “Watch ESPN” is good but it comes with the dish service charge. You can watch the highlights and other updates too along with the other information about the tournament.