Fight B/W Adi & Raman! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st April 2016 Written Updates

Fight B/W Adi & Raman! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st April 2016 Written Updates :- In the last episode of the daily soap “Yeh Hain Mohabbatein”, it has been shown that Shravan got angry as Bala insulted him in front of his friends and Shravan also claim that Alia Bhatt is his friends and it makes him humiliated in the front of his friends.


In the mean time, Adi already want to meet with Ishita and he catches the glimpses of Ishita, which makes him emotional and right now Mihika also asked Ishita not to disclose anything. Now Aliya met Raman and asked him to leave the contract with Ruhaan. She said that her Appa worked hard for the business, please don’t take this from him and Alia leaved now when her Appa called her.

By seeing this, Raman goes emotional and said to himself that the daughter always think about her parents and daughter are very blissful to their parent and now he thinks about Ruhi and recalled the time he spent with her. In the mean time, Shravan got hurts and thinks to leave the house as nobody loves him.

Ruhaan somehow meet with Pihu and got angry to realise that Pihu is Raman’s daughter. Ruhaan shouted as everybody forgets her. She also sign contract with Raman and make sure that she won’t make meet Ishita and Raman to meet with each other. And to make Raman loss in the business, now Ruahn sign the new contract with Maani.

Mihika and Ishita also meet with each other and Mihika wants her elder sister Ishita to organise her marriage, Ishita gives her nod. Mihika said that she wants to wear Kanchjivaraan Saarree in her wedding day and asked Ishita to choose Saarree for her. Ishita initially denied, but when Mihika insists her, Ishita did the same and also she helps Raman without seeing his face.

Adi also happy to see that the Ishita and Mihika are having proximity and Adi insits them to spent time together and also he asked Ishita to choose Saarree for Mihika as if they will be getting late, then Adi will be dropped them, and Adi also promised to himself that he won’t let Ishita to go by leaving him.