Fight! Religious Leader Deepa Sharma Slapped Swami Omji Maharaj During Live Debate On Radhe Maa

Recently a big fight took place between two Religious Leaders Deepa Sharma and Swami Omji Maharaj during the live debate of Radhe Maa on IBN7 News channel. Deepa Sharma Slapped Swami Omji Maharaj of Hindu Mahasabha for passing a sexist and personal comment on her. Om ji Maharaj in return slapped Deepa Sharma for retaliation and it turned into a brawl which you all can watch in video given below.

Why Deepa Sharma Slapped Swami Omji Maharaj Video

A discussion on ‘Radhe Maa and her controversies’ on IBN7 show ‘[inlinetweet prefix=”Aaj Ka mudda” tweeter=”Aaj Ka mudda” suffix=”Aaj Ka mudda”]Aaj Ka mudda[/inlinetweet]’ took a nasty turn when two of the guests ended up having a brawl. The incident occurred when during the heated discussion astrologer [inlinetweet prefix=”Deepa Sharma slapped swami Omji Maharaj” tweeter=”Deepa Sharma slapped swami Omji Maharaj” suffix=”Deepa Sharma slapped swami Omji Maharaj”]Deepa Sharma slapped swami Omji Maharaj[/inlinetweet] following which he also physically assaulted her.

The Baba made a jibe at the Astrologer saying she “didn’t live with her husband for 3 years” etc – comments which were by all means utterly disgusting and distasteful. But what happened next could not have been predicted by the Baba.

The lady quietly arises, takes off her mike and is about to walk off when she reconsiders and beats up the Baba. Who reciprocates and hits her back too!

The video was uploaded by Umesh Upadhyay who works with the channel. Describing the video he writes: Deepa Sharma, a self proclaimed astrologer today slapped another self proclaimed Dhram Guru Om Ji Maharaj on IBN7’s evening debate show ‘[inlinetweet prefix=”Aaj Ka Mudda” tweeter=”Aaj Ka Mudda” suffix=”Aaj Ka Mudda”]Aaj Ka Mudda[/inlinetweet]’. Most deplorable incident on LIVE TV. The honorable guests are not expected to do this.


Its Right Or Wrong, You All Can Give Your View of Points on this situation, below in comment box.

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