Finally 3 India’s Women Pilot To Take Wing Tomorrow On 18th June

Finally 3 India’s Women Pilot  To Take Wing Tomorrow On 18th June :- The dream is to come’s true when you have the potential to do it , it’s a huge congratulation these three woman’s who chases our dream and now these three are going to prove it, where the Avani Chaturvedi, Mohana Singh, and Bhawana Kanth will be plenipotentiary as fighter pilots in India.

first three women figher pilots IAF


According to the source, these are gonna be confirmed that to chase her dream, tomorrow it will be posted as a fighter pilot. these are the ideal for every single woman who’s dream to do something fabulous and grateful action for the country.

These prove it if you get something than do it . these three flight cadets Mohana Singh from Rajasthan, Avani Chaturvedi from Madhya Pradesh and Bhawana Kanth from Bihar are currently working in the Stage-II training on Kiran Intermediate Jet Trainers which is placed in Hakimpet Air Force station. and in Hyderabad, if they will pass out the Combined Graduation Parade Spring Term on this Saturday,2016 than they will be starting the advanced purpose training on the advanced jet trainer Hawks. and after that if they complete her jet trainer hawks training then it will again start a next 145-hour training to getting for the cockpit of a supersonic fighter.

From the report’s , Ms. Mohana Singh’s father said ; it’s an ever dream to join the Indian Air Force but I have not do it but my daughter will chase my dream and do it where his grandfather is still providing his service as a post of flight gunner in the Aviation Research Centre, Orisha. Also Ms. Avani Chaturvedi father says , I’m very grateful and delighted for my daughter where we can say the army officer father.

The Indian government is open a project in the last October for the woman as a fighter post in a stream, for the next five year. where army and navy are not stated any project’s like this.

Tt’s honorable for these three fight cadets to achieve her dream and chase that,congratulations for Avani Chaturvedi, Mohana Singh, and Bhawana Kanth will be posted as a fighter pilots.