Fire at hotel in Kolkata: 2 killed, 7 injured

Fire at hotel in Kolkata: 2 killed, 7 injured :- When a fire broke out at a hotel in south Kolkata, 2 people were killed and many injured on Thursday, triggering memories of the December 2011 Hospital blaze that killed more than 90. One of the dead has been identified as Chamar Kishan, 52, a resident of Odisha and an employee of Tata Steel. He was staying in room number 406 of the Golden Park Hotel. The other victim was 53-year-old Anup Agarwal from Surat in Gujarat. The hotel is located opposite the British high commission and the US general’s office, as well as residence, is also just a few buildings away on the similar street.

Massive Fire in Kolkata

Kishan and Agarwal were rushed to Hospital where they were declared dead. Two others were admitted to Woodland Hospital and three more were treated at another hospital and discharged. The death rate could have been higher if the disaster management group did not manage to evacuate 35 people from the hotel.

The senior staff of hotel and guests noticed smoke and fire at the pantry at 4 am. As the smoke quickly spread to other parts of the building through the central air system to the rest of the floors, some of the panic guests emerged through the window of their rooms and climbed down the pipes.

“We were in room number 302. There was a lot of smoke. We could hardly breathe. My friends and I somehow climbed down the pipes and saved ourselves but some injured in the process,” Nilanjan Palit, a guest said. According to reports from the police- the fire caused massive damage to the kitchen, some combined rooms, furniture and Jewellery.

Sources said the fire department and disaster management group are looking into proper fire prevention mechanism was in place in the hotel. There were chilling similarities with the AMRI fire on December 9. Both the accidents took place in the dead of night and in both cases, the smoke quickly spread through the air conditioning system. Fire brigade personnel had to smash the hotel window panes to rescue guests as well as staff.