First Look Of Kalyan Ram’s ISM Movie Poster Released Today Pics

First Look Of Kalyan Ram’s ISM Movie Poster Released Today Pics :- The first Poster is released of the Telugu film which is directed by the Puri Jagannath. The name of the movie is ISM where the superstar Kalyan Ram in a lead role. The followers have waited for this action-drama packed film.

Puri Jagannath Reveals First Look Of Kalyan Ram’s ISM Movie

Kalyan Ram is regulating up with his forthcoming film name ISM which is the directorial adventure of the Puri Jagannath. The past film emphasizing of the Telugu star Kalyan Ram as the main role is Sher.


However, this film had not got the satisfactory answer from the public. Presently Kalyan Ram is trying for a good score and he is anticipating a blockbuster following the direction of Puri Jagannath.

The director had given the first look of ISM flick on his verified twitter page.

Director Puri Jagannath had published the original look of his forthcoming film which is ISM title which is starring Kalyan Ram performing the made acting role. The film producers are presently involved with the shot of the film which is moving on at a smart step.

The first aspect of the film had been shown by the director as a birthday gift to Kalyan Ram who is marking his birthday on July 5, 2016. The film is written by Kalyan Ram himself.

The film which is promoted to be an activity turned film stars Aditi Arya sharing cover time with Kalyan Ram. The film further features Jagapathi Babu working a supportive and a significant role in the film.

The tune for the film was created by Anoop Rubens and the cinematography of the film is controlled by Mukesh G. The editing preferences of the film were sold to Junaid Siddiqui.

The movie is presented by the standard NTR Arts and the movie is running to hit the cinemas on September 29, 2016.

While we watch at the first expression poster that had been given by Puri Jagannath, Kalyan Ram will be described in in two separate attires one in which the character will be seen smoking and in the opposite vision the actor had been represented being in an another way. where During the both of pictures the star covered a black jacket with a brown colored Hat on his Top.