Five Accused Arrested For Thrashing Nigerian Man After Video Get Viral on Social Media!

Five Accused Arrested For Thrashing Nigerian Man After Video Get Viral on Social Media! :- Well, if you are a social media user then maybe you know that a few days back a video gets viral which is showing a Nigerian man was beaten by a mob while he was caught, trying to rob a house at Malviya Nagar in south Delhi. As per the reports, some people caught him and then they started beating which is also a crime and they all need to be arrested for sure. In the video, the Nigerian man is identified as Ahmed is seen tied to an electric pole and beaten with sticks while he begs and screams.

metal prison bars with handcuffs on black background

Reports are saying that after beating him cruelly, he was arrested and jailed but his attackers are still roaming free which is not good news for the nation. So, after when one of the clips which shows the 24-year-old Ahmad begging the crowd to let him go and seeking for help get viral, police took action from his side. A second video shows an attacker holding his legs and another man hitting his feet with a stick. The man cries out aloud: “Forgive me.” But the crowd keeps thrashing him.

Five Accused Arrested For Thrashing Nigerian Man

Also, the reports are saying that after Investigation police said four more men had been arrested today after scanning the video footage. The men have been identified as Sanjay, Kamal Kant, Mahavir, and Mukesh, south district police chief Ishwar Singh said. The case took another turn after the disturbing video surfaced on 9 October.  Police are trying to convince all that they all already arrested.

He said, “After analyzing the video, a case was registered for ‘attempt to murder by culpable homicide’ against the people found assaulting Ahmed. Krishan Kumar, the complainant against Ahmed, was arrested first from his house at Savitri Nagar. By midnight others were arrested too.” Let, see where this whole case goes in upcoming days.