Five Picton High School Teenagers Killed In Buxton Car Crash, Cause Of Accident Revealed!

Five Picton High School Teenagers Killed In Buxton Car Crash, Cause Of Accident Revealed!:- Heart-wrenching waves are coming straight from Sydney’s southwest where five young people died after a car accident. According to the source, a fatal accident took place around 8 PM on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, in Buxton in which five young people lost their lives at the scene. However, one person survived the accident. The respective authority reported that there were as many as six passengers in the car including the driver. And out of 6 people, only one could survive, the fatal accident and five passed away. Shift to the next section and read further details.

Five Picton High School Teenagers Killed In Buxton Car Crash Cause Of Accident Revealed Family Diseased Victim Name Cause Of Death CCTV Video Parents

Picton High School Teenagers Killed In Buxton Car Crash

Since this news surfaced on the internet people showing their distress on the internet. However, various questions are also being asked by them regarding the car accident in which five minor children died. We have gathered a lot of noteworthy information about the accident. So keep reading this blog and fetch the detailed information in the further given sections. Drag down.

Reportedly, this was a single automobile accident that occurred on East Parade in Buxton near Picton around 8 PM on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. Reportedly, East Parade is a rural road and the accident happened it was an outside residential area on the road. Furthermore, the six young children were traveling in a Nissan Navara that raged into a tree. It seems that the cause of the accident was the high velocity of the Nissan Navara due to which the driver of the car lost control and raged into a tree.

Cause Of Buxton Car Accident Revealed!

However, the confirmed circumstances of the accident are still blurry for the authorities. In addition, an investigation is also being carried out. The circumstances of the accident can only be revealed by the only survivor of the accident. But at this time no statement has come out from the only survivor of the accident.

Reportedly, there were as many as 6 passengers in the car including a driver. Reportedly, the five people who died in the car accident were two boys 15 and 16 years of age, a girl 15 years of age, and two girls of 14 years of age. At this time, we have details of only a victim of the accident. Lily Van de Putte was one of the five victims who died on Tuesday at East Parade road in Buxton. Furthermore, Lily was a student of the ninth standard. Her father said, “We don’t hold any grudges against the driver because he is going to go through hell.”

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