Floods Safety guide: What to do in Flood? How to help others!

Floods Safety guide: What to do in Flood? How to help others: With the arrival of monsoons, various flood situations also arises which have been reported in various parts of India such as Assam and Bihar, which were the first two states to be affected by floods, leading to several destruction and loss of lives.

In the meantime, the non-stop heavy rain in Kerala and Karnataka has brought about flood-like situation, leading to red alert in various districts in both of the states.

Floods Safety guide: What to do in Flood? How to help others!

Natural calamities can strike anytime and it is uncertain. However, due to latest technologies, meteorological departments can predict the weather and these conditions, but as it is just forecasts so it can go wrong several times. No one knows that when they might caught up into such calamities by nature so it is very important for everyone to be prepared in advance.

Here is the list of certain safety guides and helpline number that you can use if any situation arises in your area.

Sand absolves water easily and if used properly then it can also protect you in these situations. Keep sandbags ready to use as barriers so that it would stop the floodwater to enter into your house to some extent.

Survival kits are must such as first aid and water disinfectants, so always keep these kits ready.

It is obvious that during these conditions power supply went off so you must require your cellphone and torch. You don’t know how long it will take so charge your phone and torch batteries; or else you can also keep extra batteries handy if possible.

Pay attention to evacuation warnings and immediately move to higher ground as soon as possible.

Death due to electrocution is very common in such situations, so always remember to turn off switches and disconnect all electrical appliances.

Carry a walking stick with you it will help you to walk in such areas and it will also let you assess the depth of the water.

Never close your car windows when struck into such situation, the first thing you must do is to roll down the windows first. There are many people who lose their lives as the water jams their glass windows, which then result into deaths due to suffocation.

You should also keep your state-wise flood control room numbers in handy along with numbers of disaster relief forces and Army.

Here are some of the Helpline number:

NDRF control room number: 011-26107953, 09711077372

Army helpline numbers: 011- 23332045, 011- 23019831, 011- 23322045

Additional Army helpline number: 011- 23332045

MHA control room numbers: 011- 23093054, 23092763, 23092923, 23092885, 23093566, 23093563

Centralised Helpline ( INDIA ) – NDMA 1078  or   011-26701700


If you are not affected from the floods and wants to help somehow, then you can donate some money to the corresponding states’ Chief Minister disaster relief funds or else you can also simply contribute Prime Minister Relief Fund through this link:

PM relief fund: https://pmnrf.gov.in/en/online-donation

CM relief fund

Maharashtra: https://cmrf.maharashtra.gov.in/CMRFCitizen/index.action

Kerala: https://donation.cmdrf.kerala.gov.in/

Karnataka: https://kodagu.nic.in/en/document/chief-ministers-karnataka-relief-fund-calamity-2018-pan-details/