Fontainebleau Accident Video, Vehicle Driver Got Arrested in the Charge of Rushing and Racing

Currently, a piece of devastating news is coming from ‘Fontainebleau’ that a vehicle driver got arrested in the charge of rushing and racing the vehicle on several terraces in the city on Saturday, September 18th,2021, and because of that incident, several people got injured. With that, the driver was taken into police custody. After the news spread now it became a top headline on the media and viral on the internet and with that everyone wants to know about the incident happening and the condition of the sufferers. Curious to know about the incident then follow us and read the complete article.

the vehicle on several terraces in the city on Saturday, September 18th,2021,

As per the reports on Saturday evening at 4:00 pm, one vehicle strike three terraces in the Fountainebleau area which is in the south of Seine-et-Marne and because of that six people got injured mildly and with that three people got seriously injured and because of that they had to shift to the nearby hospital and as per the reports the hospitalized sufferers have no life-threatening prophecy. Talking about the incident place it was captured by AFP and as per the photos it can be seen that the thrashing car was in black color and was stopped across one of the terraces and stuck between the chairs and blinds. And after that the people were aggressively bumping off her so, immediately the police officials come over there and took her to custody.

As per the sources, the police officials found that the motor vehicle driver has a psychological disorder problem as per the police first interrogation with her it shows that the women driver act is something weird and looking like she has some psychological issues from which she is suffering. With that, the police officials are trying to figure out that it was an accident or the incident was voluntary.

At this time investigation is going on and have to see what decision will be made in this drastic case context, will the sufferers get justice now, the time will tell what will happen. Meanwhile, everyone throughout the country is praying for the sufferer’s recovery and captioning ” get well soon”. We also hope that they recover soon and found justice.

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