For plotting a hoax call to catch Air Asia flight at airport, Bengaluru Based Couple arrested

For plotting a hoax call to catch Air Asia flight at airport, Bengaluru Based Couple arrested :- Bengaluru-based couple arrested on Thursday at the Kempegowda International Airport for making a hoax bomb call to the airport. After the hoax call by the couple, the flight delayed around seven-hour in the departure of Air Asia Flight to Kochi.  The couple was released after having signed an agreement to return to the city within two days.


The terminal manager of the airport received an anonymous call around 8:40 pm saying that a bomb had been planted inside the Kochi-bound flight scheduled to depart at 8:45 pm on Wednesday. The concerned authorities immediately informed the police. The police took immediate action and called for the bomb detection squad.

 After searching the bomb, the bomb squad declared that it is safe around 1:30 am. The flight was carrying around 160 passengers and took off around 3 am.

In order to miss the flight to Kochi on Wednesday evening, the couple made a hoax call. The couple was identified as Neha Gopinathan and Arjun alias Anjan. They both live in BTM Layout and work as language teachers at a private tutorial centre.

The Bengaluru International Airport police released the couple on their plea to let them go to Kochi to attend their engagement. After signed an undertaking that they would return to the city within two hours, the police released the couple.

A senior officer of police said that they were stuck in traffic near Jayanagar around 8 pm and came to know that they could not make it in time to catch the flight so they planned the hoax call plot. The couple called a friend in Kochi, asking him to call the terminal manager, saying a bomb had been planted on the Kochi flight.

On Wednesday, the couple were supposed to take the Air Asia I5 1129 flight to Kochi at 8.45 pm to attend their engagement which was scheduled to be held on Thursday in Alappuzha. The couple also revealed the name of the man who helped them to make the hoax call.