Forest Officials recovered the carcasses of 4 deer from AutoRickshaw

Hyderabad: The forest department officers seized the autorickshaw which contained the dead body of four deer. This cruel and heinous incident took place in Hyderabad.

The carcasses of the four deer were recovered from the autorickshaw and sent for autopsy. The autopsy reports of carcasses of the deer will be available by Saturday morning.


An forest department official said that the driver of the autorickshaw stopped the vehicle and fled away when we tried to block him.

According to the sources that a forest department official got an information about the autorickshaw who transport the carcasses of the deer and will be pass from this highway.

Considering the information, officials of forest department took the help of transport authority and block the probable road that the autorickshaw is expected to take. The autorickshaw found on the road near Settipally village and then forest officials ran to block it.

But at the last moment, the driver fled away. The officials found the licence of the driver which recovered from the rickshaw. An official said that we identified the owner of the autorickshaw with the help of vehicle RCV. The owner’s name is Shekhar Goud, but it seems that he sold the autorickshaw to someone else early.

On the other hand, the officials have started their efforts in tracking the driver and the owner of the vehicle.

When the autopsy report arrives, the officials may take further steps on to registered the case under which sections. It is illegal to trade the wild animals in India.